Have you got a special occasion coming up and looking to treat your favourite hair loving pal? If you're unsure about the perfect hair related gift for them, then check out these ZALA gift ideas, perfect for any hair lover.

Gift Ideas For Her

Gift Ideas For Her


This is the perfect gift for any hair extension wearer or those who are serious about their hair! This hair care pack includes ZALA's Froth on You shampoo, Smooth Talker conditioner and Revive Me hair treatment. Each of these products has been specially designed for hair extensions and is completely non-damaging and moisture restoring. This is also perfect for your natural hair and will get it feeling soft and healthy in no time! Check out these products below.


ZALA's Mini Travel Straightener is perfect for the busiest hair lovers. Its compact and light design means it can be easily stored in a handbag or car and used on the go! Its swivel cords, easy grip surface and smooth finish ensures easy use and prevents any snagging/catching. Plus, it comes with a free heat proof bag for storage!


This is the ultimate luxury accessory for hair extension lovers.  ZALA Silk pillowcases are made with luxurious Mulberry Silk. This is proven to Prevent hair breakage, Smooth frizz and Stop tangles. Not only is the ZALA Silk pillowcase your personal hair security guard, it also does wonders for your skin by preventing ageing and stopping night time face creasing. Unlike cotton, Mulberry silk is soft and gentle and doesn't suck the life and moisture out of your luscious locks during the night and prevents damage to the hair follicle. These pillow cases come in three gorgeous colours; white, charcoal and baby pink.

If you liked these ZALA gift ideas, you can check out more useful hair tips and tutorials at the ZALA blog here.

June 03, 2018
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