Introducing ZALA Halo® Extensions

Introducing ZALA Halo extensions, the newest ZALA hair extension range. We are absolutely obsessed with this easy to use and damage free product and we know you will be too. With only one easy to apply piece, you can get longer, thicker hair in only 30 seconds. No clips, no damage, no fuss.

Halo Hair Extensions

Introducing ZALA Halo® Extensions

We're excited to announce the brand new ZALA Halo extension range. We've fallen in love with this no fuss, easy to use product!

These sets are ultra luxurious with thick and healthy ends. Like our other extension ranges, these sets are 100% silky soft human Remy hair and are therefore long lasting premium products.

The discreet clear & soft wire make the extensions undetectable in the head and super comfortable to wear. This wire is also adjustable to ensure you can fit the ZALA Halo extensions perfectly for you and keep the piece secure in your head.

Introducing Halo Extensions

To apply simply follow the steps below:

  1. Adjust your wire to ensure it fits securely around the crown of your head.
  2. Separate a section of your hair around the crown of your hair, making sure it is thick enough to cover the top of the extensions once applied.
  3. Place the extensions at the base of this parting and bring the wire around to the front of your head (the piece should sit firmly in the head).
  4. Take down the section at the crown of your head and adjust this hair to ensure the seam of the extensions are completely covered.
  5. Brush over your natural hair to blend completely and voila, you have longer, thicker hair!

ZALA Halo Extensions are available in:

12inch - 100gr - ZALA Halo Extensions ($139.99AU)

16inch - 130gr - ZALA Halo Extensions ($179.99AU

20inch - 150gr - ZALA Halo Extensions ($239.99AU)

If you liked learning about our new ZALA Halo extensions, you can check out more useful hair tips and tutorials at the ZALA blog here.

June 05, 2018
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