Weave-in Hair Extensions

Looking for extensions that are easier to style and maintain without damaging your hairline or ends? Attached by braids or beads, Zala weave-in hair extensions are made from high quality 100% remy human hair.

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About Weave-in or Weft hair extensions
Zala Weave-in Hair Extensions (also know as Zala Weft Hair Extensions) are a semi-permanent solution to achieve longer, fuller hair.

Made from 100% Remy Human Hair, allowing you to safely dye, curl, or style them just like you would with your natural hair.

Our Weave Extensions come as 33-inch-wide straight hair weaves and are double-drawn and triple-wefted for thick, healthy ends and no need to layer pieces.
How to apply weave-in hair extensions
To apply your Zala Weave-in Hair Extensions, we highly recommend going to a salon for professional application.

Weave Hair Extensions are most commonly anchored to your hair by sewing the weft onto a horizontally braided section. Braiding and sewing is best left to a skilled professional for long-lasting results.

Salons are also increasingly opting for a beaded application. Zala also sell the beads required for this application method.

Why you’ll love Weave-in extensions
Lasting around 6-8 weeks, Zala weave-in hair extensions are perfect for adding semi-permanent length and volume to your hair.

For those who suffer from damaged or weak hair, our weft hair extensions may be a great choice as they are safe (won’t damage your natural hair) and versatile.

They can also be curled, cut, styled and dyed like your natural hair, meaning you can use weave-in extensions to achieve the perfect amount of lightness without damaging your natural hair.
Available lengths
Zala Keratin Extensions are available in a range of products, and up to 16 shades.

  • 12 inch Weave-in Hair Extensions (approx. 90g)
  • 16 inch Weave-in Hair Extensions (approx. 115g)
  • 20 inch Weave-in Hair Extensions (approx. 130g)
  • 24 inch Weave-in Hair Extensions (approx. 145g)