Zala Hair transformations!

Want to know what Zala hair extensions to look? Check out these amazing hair extensions before and after pics.

More about Zala Hair Extensions
Before and After Tape-in Hair Extensions
Enjoy the flexibility to choose the volume of hair you want. Our most popular tape-in extension package contains 60 pieces for thick, flowing hair in minutes. Finer hair? Purchase a pack of 40 pieces. Our 20 piece packs are also perfect for adding a little extra volume and filling out shorter layers, and get great hair extensions results.
Available in 12, 14, 16, 20, 24, and 30 inches. You can see in the before-and-after extensions photos how much difference even a small amount of length can make.
Before and After Clip-In Hair Extensions
Before and After Clip-In Hair Extensions
With Zala’s clip-in extensions range, you get to decide your volume. Choose five pieces for medium-full hair, looking something a little extra? Choose nine pieces for a massive short to long hair transformation.
You can pick from the full range of shades we offer as well as multiple lengths and both Keratin and 100% Human Remy options.
Before and after Halo Hair Extension
In just 30 seconds, you can have longer, fuller hair thanks to our market leading Halo Hair Extensions. These are absolute faves of girls all around the world.
Held in place with a comfortable, clear band - as you can see in our hair extension transformations pics - the halo band is completely invisible once applied. These are most popular option for adding length and thickness without committing to permanent hair extensions. The Halo has a fast and easy applications, with zero damage to your natural hair. Try our extensions now and create a new you.
Before and after Clip-in Pony Hair Extensions
Going from the gym, work or beach to night? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our clip-in ponytails, giving you the fastest ever hair transformation... all you need to do is clip-wrap-and-go.
Secured to a slicked-back bun or pony with a lace-back clip design, Zala ponytails also feature a hair wrap piece, so you can conceal the attachment in seconds