ZALA9 tape-in human hair extensions utilize the latest technology in the ever-changing hair industry. Tape-in hair extensions are a significant leap forward in hair extension application: they make it possible to apply a full head of tape-in extensions in under 30 minutes. In fact, tape-in extensions are so easy, quick, and efficient to apply that they have become the top choice for both consumers and hair stylists worldwide. Receive 100 percent of your money back within 180 days if you are not satisfied with the color, feel, or thickness of the product in our tape-in range.

The most popular tape-in hair extensions for length at ZALA is 20 inches. These are ideal for average-height customers who want a natural look that still gets some attention.

24-Inch Tape-In Hair Extensions

Taller customers may prefer to go longer still. For you, we have 24-inch tape-in extensions. Reaching to the waist when straight, you can also curl and style the extensions without losing much length.

26-Inch Tape-In Hair Extensions

To achieve extra-long hair, choose our 26-inch extensions. Our best quality hair will give you serious length, even when you style your hair.