Date Night Hairstyles

Is date night coming up? Are you lacking hair inspiration or just looking to mix things up? Then check out ZALA's guide to date night hairstyles. We have all the bases covered with simply sleek looks, romantic up dos and flirty curls.

Date Night Hairstyles

Keep it simple with...

This low sleek ponytail is the one of our favourite date night hairstyles. This simple look goes with any outfit and is quick and easy to achieve, perfect for any last minute plans or girls on the go. To achieve this look, you can get a ZALA ponytail extension here.

  1. Start with straight hair, create a middle parting then secure your hair back into a low pony. For extra smooth results, split your hair into 3 equal parts to create your pony in sections.
  2. Use hairspray while brushing over to smooth down any flyaways.
  3. Apply your ZALA ponytail extension for length a volume. Hook into the base of your pony, wrap around and bobby pin into place.


Try a romantic up do...

date night hairstyles

This soft and elegant undo is perfect for a date night. Incorporating curls into an up do gives your hair amazing volume and will have you looking date worthy in no time!

  1. Curl your ZALA extensions and your own natural hair before applying the extensions.
  2. Section off your hair into four parts with two at the front and one upper and one lower at the back of your hair.
  3. Take half of the bottom section and secure it into a low side ponytail.
  4. Wrap the rest of this section half way around your ponytail and pin in place.
  5. taking small pieces at a time, continue wrapping and twisting the hair around your pony. The key to this look is texture and layers so make sure you alternate direction each time.
  6. For the longer laters, plait the hair in a regular three strand braid, then take hold of one strange of your braid and push the rest of the hair up and pin in place.
  7. Continue Layering until all hair is pinned in place.


Half up twist...

date night hairstyles

This half up half down look is the ultimate date night hairstyle. We love these cute and flirty curls paired with a simple twist. This look will match your date night dress perfectly!

  1. Start by applying hair extensions for instant length, volume and thickness.
  2. Once the extensions have been applied use a medium sized curling want to add loose curls.
  3. At the crown area, take a medium sized section of hair from one side, twist back and pin into place. Repeat this on the other side, twisting back and pinning into place over the first piece.
  4. Repeat this process by taking more pieces from either side, twisting and altering on top. Continue until you're happy with the results.

For more articles like this one and the latest in hair care tips and trends, see the ZALA blog.

May 29, 2018
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