These are the best extensions to try if you are new to hair extensions

Whether you're aiming for a dramatic transformation or a subtle enhancement, understanding the basics of how hair extensions work is your first step. This guide will help you navigate through the types of hair extensions available, making your online shopping experience a breeze.

Exploring the Types of Hair Extensions

Types of Hair Extensions

Welcome to the colorful and varied world of hair extensions! If you're just starting out, it's super helpful to get to know the different types available. Each kind offers its own unique blend of style, comfort, and ease. Let's focus on three of the most beginner-friendly options out there: Clip, Halo, and Ponytail Extensions.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

First up, we have clip-in hair extensions. Clip-ins come with little clips that you simply snap into place under sections of your own hair. They’re a breeze to put in and take out, making them perfect for a quick style boost. Whether you're after some extra volume for your everyday look or dreaming of princess-length locks for a special event, clip-ins are your go-to.

Halo Hair Extensions

Halos have a clear wire that sits around your head, sort of like a crown, and they blend into your hair in seconds. There are no clips or glue involved, so they’re kind to your hair, and they're perfect for a quick, dramatic change that you can achieve all by yourself.

Ponytail Extensions

If you love rocking a pony but want more oomph, these are for you. They're designed to be worn exactly as the name suggests – in a ponytail! You just attach them to your own ponytail to add length and volume. Whether you’re going for a high, sleek Ariana Grande-style pony or a low, casual one, these extensions can add that extra flair to make your ponytail pop.

Human Hair vs. Synthetic: What You Need to Know about the hair extension types

Synthetic Hair Extensions

One of the key decisions you'll face is choosing between human hair and synthetic options. Both have their unique advantages and suit different needs and preferences. So, what is hair extension in each category, and which one should you go for? Let's break it down.

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are exactly what they sound like: they're made from real human hair. This means they blend seamlessly with your own hair, giving a natural and undetectable finish. You can style them just like your natural hair – curl them, straighten them, dye them, you name it. They're also more durable and can last a long time with proper care. However, they're generally more expensive than synthetic options and require more maintenance, similar to your natural hair.

Keratin Synthetic Hair Extensions

On the flip side, synthetic hair extensions, especially those made with high-quality Keratin fibers, are a more budget-friendly alternative. Modern synthetic extensions have come a long way and can look surprisingly natural. They're easy to care for, as they hold their style and color over time, even after washing. This means less styling effort on your part. The downside? They're not as heat-resistant as human hair extensions, so styling options with heat tools are limited.

Application Made Easy

How to Put on Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Prepare Your Hair: Start with dry, tangle-free hair. If your hair is super silky, a light spray of dry shampoo can add some texture for better grip. Section and Clip: Create a horizontal part at the back of your head, just above the nape of your neck. Secure the rest of your hair on top of your head. Align the clips of the extension with the part line and snap them closed onto your hair.

Layer Up: Let down a bit more hair and create another horizontal part. Apply the next weft of extensions in the same manner. Repeat until you've achieved the desired fullness.

Blend and Style: Once all clips are in place, let your natural hair down and gently brush through to blend it with the extensions. You can curl or straighten your hair along with the extensions for a seamless look.

Halo Hair Extensions

Position the Halo: Simply place the halo extension on your head, about an inch or two from your hairline. The clear wire should sit comfortably like a headband.
Hide the Wire: Use a tail comb or your fingers to gently pull your own hair over the wire, starting from the front and moving towards the back.
Adjust and Style: Check if the halo feels secure and make adjustments as needed. Once in place, style your hair as usual, ensuring to blend the extensions in with your natural hair.

Ponytail Extensions

Create a Ponytail: First, tie your natural hair into a ponytail, whether it’s high, mid, or low, based on your preference.
Attach the Extension: Insert the comb part of the ponytail extension into the base of your natural ponytail. Wrap the additional section of hair around the base to conceal the band and secure it with a bobby pin.
Blend and Secure: Gently tug at your natural ponytail to blend it with the extension. Use additional bobby pins if needed for extra security.

Styling Possibilities with Different Extensions

Best Hair Extension Styles

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Volume and Length: Add significant volume and length to your natural hair, perfect for creating luxurious, flowing locks or voluminous updos.
Highlights and Lowlights: Experiment with color without any commitment. Use extensions in different shades to add highlights or lowlights.

Halo Hair Extensions

Instant Length and Volume: Halo extensions are ideal for adding quick length and volume, transforming your hair in just minutes.
Seamless Blending: Thanks to their design, halo extensions blend flawlessly with your natural hair, creating a seamless look whether you wear your hair down or in a half-up style.

Ponytail Extensions

Pumped-Up Ponytails: Whether you love a high, sleek ponytail or a casual low one, ponytail extensions add that extra flair for a statement look.
Braided Ponies: Use a ponytail extension for a fuller, more intricate braided ponytail – ideal for special occasions or when you want a touch of elegance.

Finding Your Perfect Match Online

Matching the Shade

Use Natural Light: When comparing your hair color to the options available online, do so in natural lighting for the most accurate match.
Seek Multiple Views: Look at customer reviews and photos, as these can give you a better idea of how the extensions look in real life.

Selecting the Right Length and Style

Consider Your Lifestyle: Think about your daily activities and how the extensions will fit into your lifestyle. If you’re active, shorter or more manageable lengths might be better.
Understand Lengths: Measure from your ear or mid-back to gauge where the extensions will fall on you, ensuring you pick a length you’re comfortable with.

Known for our quality, variety, and ease of use, Zala’s range of hair extensions is specifically designed with beginners in mind. So go ahead, take this first step, and discover how effortlessly you can transform your look and boost your confidence with the perfect set of hair extensions. The gorgeous hair you've always wanted is just a click away!
January 12, 2024
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