10 Cute Styles With ZALA Hair Extensions

Do you also browse on Instagram looking for new hair inspo?

Well, just like you, we love browsing on Instagram as well! Only, instead of looking for hair inspiration, we typically look around for the best hairstyles that make use of our favorite ZALA hair extensions.

And now, without further ado, here are 10 cute styles with ZALA hair extensions that we found on Instagram!

10 cute styles with ZALA hair extensions

1. Picnic Day


There's nothing like having a nice picnic beside a nice body of water on an equally nice day. Of course, if we had the same cute hairstyle and the same cute bow as her, we'd probably be having a delightful day as well.

Interested in getting the same look? Check out our ZALA Sun Kissed Highlights!

2. Casual Rock


We love how she looks like she's off to a rock concert right after taking this picture!

Interested in getting this look as well? You might want to try out our ZALA Honey Beach Highlights!

3. Elegant Twist


If you're going for an elegant, boho look, you won't go wrong with this one right here. It's a timeless classic, but it's still pretty cute if you ask us!

Fun fact, this look also makes use of the ZALA Honey Beach Highlights!

4. Business Casual


Minus the tied shirt, she looks like she's about to go to work in her business casual attire, looking all glam with her ZALA Hair Extensions. The waves certainly make the whole look so much better!

5. Blazing Ginger


You won't believe how long we stared at her long flowing tresses. Like, how can someone have hair that shiny and smooth? Seriously, there must be some kind of a secret, right?

6. Pink Cafe


We love pink hair and we think it's so fab and cute at the same time! Oh, to be a woman with pink hair hanging out at a cafe right now!

Just to clarify, we don't have pink hair extensions in our catalog, but you can always get a set of our ZALA Ice Queen Platinum and dye it the color that you want!

7. Pastel Paradise


This is a very simple hairstyle, but you know what, sometimes that's all you need to create a look that's bound to turn heads. Coupled with her adorable outfit, we're pretty sure she's going to command the attention of any room she's in!

Get the same look with ZALA Champagne Blonde!

8. Beachy Romper


A simple half-updo and some waves were all it took to create this look, but take a look at how cute it is! Also, is that a romper we see?! As a huge fan of rompers, we beg to know where she got it from!

9. Simple Crop


We can't get over how much we love this entire ensemble, hair, top, and all! Personally, this is something I'd wear on a first date with that boy next door I've had a crush on forever – that's how much I love it.

Wanna get the same hairstyle? Take a look at our ZALA Chestnut Brown extensions!

10. Summer Sunset


This photo reminds us of our college days, for some reason. Maybe because it made us remember going back home for the break and enjoying with our high school friends we haven't seen the entire year. And we gotta say, for this photo specifically, the sunset does a really good job at enhancing her features and making her look almost ethereal. Of course, her ZALA Honey Blonde Extensions probably have a lot to do with it too!

Did you also like these cute styles with ZALA hair extensions? We certainly enjoyed doing our research for this article too!

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For more hairstyle inspiration, don't forget to check out the ZALA blog!

August 06, 2020
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