What Your Hairstyle Says About You

Even back in the early days, hair has always served an important part of a person’s individuality. In Ancient Rome, the wealthy and the noble used detailed wigs to symbolize their social status. To this day, wigs are worn by judges and ministers as a sign of their wisdom.

So, what does your hair say about you? Simply put, your choice of hairstyle can say a lot about your individual personality. As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words, and that includes how you style your hair. In this article, we’ll tell you what your hairstyle says about you!

zala hairstyle says about you

(Before we begin, we just want to say a disclaimer that the views we’ll be sharing below shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Consider it all in good fun!)

Sleek and Straight

zala hairstyle says about you straight
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People with sleek and straight hair are often viewed to be perfectionists. Their desire to maintain everything under careful control is showcased by their drive to keep every hair in place. They are very good at what they do (just take a look at how well they’ve kept their hair!) and they’re always determined to take things to the highest level.

There’s also a common stereotype that those who wear their hair straight are either goody-two-shoes, shy, or conservative.

Soft Waves

zala hairstyle says about you wavy
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Soft waves on a woman are typically seen as a sign of being down-to-earth, friendly, and warm. These women have big hearts and are able to light up any room that they enter. In fact, their smiles alone are enough to brighten up a moody day. Like their hair, they are also very soft and sympathetic. Anyone would love to be friends with them.

Other common stereotypes include fun and confident, likely because waves are usually associated with women on the beach.

Kinky Curls

zala hairstyle says about you curly
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For some reason, a lot of people view women with kinky curls as outspoken, free-spirited, and most of all passionate. Just like their hair, they are seen to like variety and new things. If you want someone that you can have fun with all day, all night, and all week, then they’re probably your best bet.

Women with kinky curls are also seen as great at the art of seduction. They know they’re sexy and they’re amazing at making you see it.

Short and Simple

zala hairstyle says about you short
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Often viewed as nonconformist, women with short and simple hairstyles are said to be modern and courageous. They’re not afraid to think out of the box and to take risks. They also view practicality and convenience over anything else. After all, the shorter the hairstyle, the easier it is to dry and style. There’s no need to spend extra time on your strands when you can do other things.

It’s also a common view that women who suddenly cut their hair are dealing with something in their life, like a breakup, for instance. It actually kind of makes sense, since cutting hair can feel a lot like cutting out all the stress out of your life, too.

The Ponytail

zala hairstyle says about you ponytail
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The timeless ponytail. It’s been around for literally centuries, and most, if not all, women have used this hairstyle at least once in their lives.

That said, keep in mind that the position of your ponytail determines what your hair says about you.

A low ponytail tells people that you’re, to say it simply, boring, pragmatic, and submissive. You don’t have time to have fun, nor do you have time, or the desire, to try new experiences. Meanwhile, a high ponytail tells people that you’re energetic, strong, and perhaps even sporty. You’re a go-getter and are not afraid to take risks to get what you want.

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August 03, 2020
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