6 Hair Accessories To Avoid

You may not admit it or even realize it, but hair accessories can instantly make or break a hairstyle. Depending on what accessories you choose, you can level up your look – or ruin it entirely.

That said, it's important to note that not all hair accessories are good for your hair. Actually, there are some that you should think twice before using. In this article, we'll list down some of the most common hair accessories to avoid!

zala hair accessories to avoid

1. Cotton Scrunchies

Okay, before you panic, let us first that we absolutely love scrunchies as well. They're so convenient to use and simply hassle-free.

However–and this is an important part–scrunchies can dry your hair out quicker than you could even imagine. This is even worse for curly-haired girls, who tend to have drier hair in general. By using scrunchies every day, you're basically letting all the moisture get sucked out of your beloved strands.

In other words, while using them occasionally isn't an issue, you should try to limit the times that you're using them. In fact, it's best to stay away from them entirely and just switch straight to silk scrunchies instead.

2. Elastic Bands

Oh, this one hurts just as much as the last item! Elastic bands are honestly some of our favorite accessories out there, mainly due to how easy and convenient they are to use.

But just like with cotton scrunchies, they have a downside to them that you should be wary of as well. To say it simply, wearing elastic bands too tightly on your strands can cause irreparable damages and breakages. By doing this for a prolonged period of time, you're practically hurting your hair follicles and discouraging further hair growth.

If you're going to use hair elastics, make sure not to tie them too tightly around your strands. You should also be very careful when removing them from your hair, as your hair shaft may snap if you pull too hard. Also, there's nothing wrong with giving your hair a break every now and then.

3. Barrettes

We don't care how cute or gorgeous those barrettes may be – metal and hair is simply not a good combination.

Here's our problem with barrettes: one, poorly-made barrettes tend to have sharp parts that could possibly cause your hair to break or even cut your scalp. Two, all barrettes have a metal clasping mechanism that can be very damaging to your strands. No matter how careful you are, it's impossible to avoid breakages every single time.

There's not even a good reason to use barrettes other than the fact that they look good, so take our advice – if you're going to pick only one of these hair accessories to avoid, it has to be this.

4. Metal Combs

Metal combs are not exactly accessories, but it's best to avoid them anyway. As mentioned above, metal shouldn't really be going anywhere near your strands.

What if the metal had sharp parts? What if there was rust? There are so many what ifs, it's simply too much trouble for little pay-off.

Not only can metal combs cause damage to your strands, they can hurt your scalp as well. Obviously, you wouldn't want that, so if we were you, we'd just shove all metal combs to the bin.

5. Hair Jewelry

We get it, jewelries can make any woman feel absolutely fabulous. We love them as well, if only to spice up an otherwise plain outfit.

Jewelries on the hair? Why, few things can make us feel more like a princess than something as simple as that. There's just something about wearing hair jewelry that make us feel more gorgeous than ever before.

But hair jewelry can have negative consequences too. Many of these hair accessories can tangle, snag, and break your beloved tresses. Of course, once your strands are broken, there's no fix other than just letting them grow back.

6. Hair Pins

Just to clarify, yes, hair pins are an absolutely necessary part of anyone hairstyling routine. But this article is about hair accessories to avoid, not which hairstyling tools you shouldn't use. And there are certainly some rules you have to abide by when you want to use hair pins.

For one, it's best to avoid metal hair pins, which you shouldn't use unless they've got rubber tips. Two, if you had no choice but to use metal hair pins in your hair styling, you should never use it while you're using a hot blowdryer. The heat could cause the pin to warp into your hair, causing damage to your strands. Three, you should never wear hair pins to bed, as this can cause breakage while you're asleep.

Now you know the 6 hair accessories to avoid, or at least be wary of. Remember, your hair deserves the best!

For more hair tips and tricks, don't forget to check out our ZALA blog!

August 09, 2020
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