Zala Weft Hair Extensions

Maybe your hair was damaged after a particularly bad treatment. Maybe you’re waiting for your short hair to grow out. Or maybe, you just want a breath of fresh air after wearing the exact same hairstyle for years.

Whatever the reason may be, you’re sure of one thing – that you want a totally new hairdo, right now. And wigs won’t cut it because you can’t deal with the hassles of putting them on and off every time.

Worry not! Our Zala Weft Hair Extensions just may be the perfect solution for you.


Weft Hair Extensions, more commonly known as Weave-In Hair Extensions, are bundles of thick hair you can wear in place of your own. They are double-drawn and triple-wefted to make them extra thick, perfect for those who want more volume.

In addition to this, you can dye, curl, or sew-in weft hair extensions safely since they’re made with 100% Human Remy Hair. You can even make them into a wig if you want.

Unlike other types of hair extensions at Zala , weft hair extensions are a fairly permanent option. They’re actually sewn into your strands, which makes them more difficult to remove. Depending on your priorities, this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. That’s because, while they can stay on your hair for a longer period of time, you also can’t just remove them whenever you please. 


There are lots of reasons why you might want to wear weft hair extensions. Here are some of them.

  1. Thickness. As mentioned above, weft hair extensions are your best option if you want maximum volume. Zala Weft Hair Extensions are triple-wefted so you instantly have three times more hair volume.
  2. Longevity. While no hair extension is permanent, weft hair extensions are the closest available. They can last between 3-9 months, perhaps up to a year or so with proper care. You just need to re-tighten them every 6-8 weeks and you’re good to go.

So if you want your hair to look healthier or you just want more to add some volume and thickness while you work on growing your hair, weft hair extensions are for you.


Weft hair extensions are usually attached by a professional hairdresser. This is because the process for attaching them to your head is quite technical. So, how do you put in weft hair extensions? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about how to apply weft hair extensions.


  1. Braid all of your hair into thin cornrows.
  2. Using the provided needle and thread, sew the extensions piece by piece from the nape up.
  3. Once you’ve sewn all your pieces, carefully brush down your hair.

However, this is only possible if you have thick hair since it will be difficult to weave hair extensions to thin cornrows. Also, if you have thin strands, weft extensions in general may also put too much strain on your hair and scalp. 


  1. Prepare the tools you need. In this case, that’s 4 silicon-backed beads, a bead loop, a pair of scissors, weft sealant, a tail comb, and a pair of pliers.
  2. Section your hair from the bottom up. Start with about 1 inch above the edge of your hair at your nape.
  3. Along the parting, section a thin strip of your hair and clip them up separately.
  4. Check if the width of the weft is just right, ending about an inch above your ears. If they are too long, you can cut them neatly and apply weft sealant to the edges. This helps avoid shedding and preserve the wefts.
  5. Select a thin part on both sides of the wefts to hold against your head while you work on applying the wefts.
  6. Get a small part of the weft as well as a small part of your own hair.
  7. Using the bead loop, put the combined parts of the weft and your hair through the bead and push it as close to the roots as possible.
  8. Use pliers to clamp the bead shut. Make sure that the beads lie as flat on your hair as possible.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 as you work your way through the weft piece, placing the beads about 1-2 cm apart.
  10. When you’re done weaving the piece, section the next part of your hair about 1 inch higher than the previous part. Repeat as necessary.

To hide the beads easier, use only 1-2 bundles if you have fine or thin hair. You can use 2-3 weft bundles if you have medium to thick hair.


Whether you want to wear your hair straight down or in pretty waves, there are so many hairstyles you can do with the added volume and length from your Zala Weft Hair Extensions . Styling weft hair extensions is the best part, as the possibilities are endless. One question commonly asked is: Can you wear your hair up with weft extensions? The answer is yes! You have so many options when it comes to styling your hair. Of course, it’s important that you learn how to look after weft hair extensions to prolong their life as much as possible.

Wanna know more about our hair extensions here at Zala? Don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!

March 28, 2021
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