Ever seen one of those beauty transformation challenges where a beauty vlogger changes their entire look in the span of a single 5-minute video?

If you’re a fan of hair extensions but you want something as quick and easy as those videos, then this article is perfect for you.


Halo hair extensions are one of the many types of hair extensions available here at Zala .

Unlike other hair extensions that you attach to your own hair in some way, halo hair extensions just sit on your scalp. They have a thin, barely visible, circular wire that is worn like a halo on your head.

Because the wire is so thin, halos make it much easier to hide the fact that you’re wearing hair extensions.

In addition to this, Zala halos are very light and comfortable. You might even forget that you’re wearing one since they don’t add much weight to your head.

If you have fragile or thin strands, you’ll also prefer Zala halo hair extensions to other types. This is because halos don’t pull on your hair and strain your hair cuticles, which can sometimes lead to hair fall.


There’s no need to worry about needing to practice wearing the halo hair extensions beforehand. With halo hair extensions, you can have thicker and longer hair within 30 seconds.

  1. Section your hair around the crown of your head and create a half-bun.
  2. Take the band of your halo extensions and place it over your head, starting about an inch or two from your hairline.
  3. Use clips to secure the band above your ears.
  4. Take down the bun and use a comb to brush the extensions and your natural hair together.
  5. Now you’re ready to style your hair!

One important thing: make sure the band is the right size for your head. You’ll know if it’s the correct size for you because if it’s too tight, it will pop off, and if it’s too loose, it will slip off.

Luckily, all Zala Halo Hair Extensions come with three different wire sizes, so you should try all three to see which one fits you best.


The good news is that you can wear many different hairstyles with halo extensions.For some halo hair ideas, you can have it down (straight or in loose waves for everyday hair). You can also try out different braids or a low ponytail to give your hair more oomph while you’re out and about.

But can you wear your hair up with halo extensions? Well, if you want to pull off high buns or high ponytails with halos, it’s actually still possible. The trick is using bobby pins to keep it in place.

First, part your hair into upper and lower sections. After tying the lower section into a high ponytail, wrap the halo extension around the ponytail using bobby pins to secure its placement. Let down your upper hair section and then tie your hair into a ponytail.


Time limits should not stop you from looking your best. A minute or two to spare is good enough to style your strands with halo hair extensions.

After all, you never know, that stunning hairdo you wore using your halo hair extensions might just be the push you need to seize that perfect day.For more hair extension tips, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!

March 26, 2021
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