Everything You Need to Know About Quad Weft Extensions

Are you searching for that perfect voluminous look that turns heads wherever you go? Who isn't? Whether you want to add glam to your everyday style or need that extra boost for a special event, quad weft extensions are your ultimate partner in crime.

Imagine having the power to transform your hair from flat to fab within minutes! That's exactly what quad weft extensions offer. But wait – what exactly are quad weft extensions? How do they work, and how can you rock them? Let me introduce you to the game changer in hair extensions - Quad Weft Extensions.


What is a Quad Weft Clip In Hair Extension?

Quad weft hair extensions are the secret weapon for anyone who dreams of voluminous, glamorous locks. It is a single weft extension with four rows of hair sewn onto it. This means each strip of extension contains quadruple the amount of hair than a regular extension. If you are all about that va-va-voom volume, Zala's Quad Weft Hair Extensions are what you need.

So, what is quad weft hair extensions? They're not just hair extensions; they're Quad Weft human hair extensions, which means they're made from real human hair. The natural look and feel of these extensions are unparalleled.

Why Quad Weft Hair Extensions for Volume?

Quad Weft Extensions are the ultimate game changer when achieving that envious volume. But what makes them so special compared to other types of extensions?

The secret lies in their construction. A single Quad Weft Extension comprises four rows of hair sewn together. Yes, you heard that right - four! This gives these extensions the 'quad' in their name and makes them extra thick.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Traditional extensions can sometimes be too thin to make a noticeable difference, especially if you have naturally thick hair. On the other hand, Quad Weft Extensions offer unmatched thickness that can instantly transform your hair from lackluster to luxurious. It's like having the volume of four extensions in one!

Flexibility in Styling

The extra thickness is not just for looks; it also offers more versatility in styling. Whether you want a high ponytail, intricate braids, or big curls, the additional volume weft extensions ensure that your styles have that extra 'oomph' and don't fall flat.

A Natural Look

One of the concerns with hair extensions is that they should look natural. With Quad Weft Extensions, you don't have to worry about them looking sparse or stringy. The extra thickness ensures that they blend seamlessly with your natural hair, even if it's thick.

More Hair, Less Clips

Because Quad Weft Extensions have four times the amount of hair, you don't need as many clips for a full look. This means less time spent applying and less weight pulling on your natural hair. It's a win-win!

Opt for Quad Weft Hair Extensions when you want to make a statement with luscious, thick hair.

Who Are They For, and What Styles Can You Achieve?

Different Hair Types

For Thin Hair

Quad weft extensions are a godsend for those with thin hair. The multiple rows of hair in a single weft mean you don't need as many clips in your hair, which is ideal for thin hair as it reduces the risk of damage. With quad weft extensions, you can go for long, flowing hairstyles without worrying about the extensions showing through your natural hair.

For Thick Hair

People with thick hair might think they don't need the extra volume, but the weft extension application can add length or make styling more manageable. They blend seamlessly with thick hair; you can easily achieve luscious waves or an extravagant high ponytail.

For Curly or Wavy Hair

If you have curly or wavy hair, quad weft extensions can help enhance your natural hair texture. Go for a voluminous, curly bombshell look, or use them to add length for cascading waves.

For Short Hair

Do you have short hair? No problem! Quad weft extensions are great for adding both length and volume. You can experiment with longer hairstyles and even create elegant updos that would be impossible with short hair alone.

Highlighting a Trendy Look: The Beachy Waves

Let's talk about a trendy hairstyle that you can rock with the help of Quad Weft extensions - the Beachy Waves. This style is all the rage because it gives off that effortless "I woke up like this" vibe.

Here's how you can achieve Beachy Waves with your Quad Weft extensions:

1. Prep Your Hair: Start by washing and drying your hair. Apply some heat protectant and a little bit of texturizing spray. Apply Your Extensions: Clip in your Quad Weft extensions. You might not need all 9 pieces for this look, so experiment and see what gives you the best results.
2. Curl: Using a curling wand, take sections of your hair and extensions and curl them away from your face. Don't hold them too long; we want waves, not tight curls.
3. Texturize and Tousle: Once you've curled all your hair, use some more texturizing spray. Then, use your fingers to gently tousle your hair, breaking up the curls into loose waves.
4. Finish Off: Finally, set your style with some hairspray, and you're good to go with your trendy, voluminous beachy waves with the best weft hair extensions!

Why 9 Piece Clip-In Sets?

Quad Weft Extensions at Zala come in 9 piece clip-in sets, making them super flexible. You can use as many or as few pieces as you like after a full glamorous look or just a little extra volume. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different styles and volumes.

How to Put in Weft Hair Extensions

If you're new to extensions, don't worry, quad wefts are easy to put in. Here's a simple guide:

1. Section Your Hair: Use a comb to section off the top layer of your hair and clip it up out of the way.
2. Apply the Extensions: Start at the bottom of your head and work your way up. Clip the weft extensions onto your hair. Make sure they're secure but not too tight for a weft extension application.
3. Blend: Once all the extensions are in, let down the top layer of your hair. Use a brush to blend your natural hair with the extensions.
4. Style: Now, style as desired! Your new quad weft extensions can be curled, straightened, and styled in any way you like.

Wrapping it Up

Quad weft extensions are versatile, perfect for adding volume, and are suitable for all hair types. With 4x the amount of hair in each weft, these extensions provide maximum volume. Zala's Quad Weft Extensions are made of high-quality human hair, ensuring they blend seamlessly with your natural locks. So why not unleash your inner stylist and experiment with all the amazing styles you can create?

Embrace the transformation these extensions offer and get ready to receive compliments for your luscious, voluminous hair.

July 27, 2023
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