What Your Hair Color Says About You

With the wide range of hair colors to choose from – from ash grey to dark brown, bright blond to hot pink, fiery red to emerald green, it’s more difficult to decide which color to change into than to decide whether to stick to our own natural color. These series of choices regarding our hair color actually says a lot about our personality.

What does your hair color say about you? We’ll cover that below (at least according to common stereotypes)! We’ll also discuss hair color, personality traits, and everything in between!

zala hair color says about you

Natural Hair Colors

Hair colors are often the basis for a whole series of assumptions on the personalities of people we meet. Blondes are sexy if positively seen, or bimbos if negatively, redheads are fiery in a positive light and hot-headed under negative perspective, brunettes get to be good girls and the black-haired are exotics.

You don’t get a say with what your natural hair color is. Still, you would probably get judged by the hair color stereotypes that exist.


Those born blonde are judged as attractive, feminine, naive, youthful, high maintenance, carefree, loud and/or fun. You love being the center of attention, with a full-packed schedule always having somewhere to be and something to do. You have so much fun living for the moment that you sometimes get into trouble for failing to worry about what’s going on around you.


Red-haired girls, on the other hand, are said to be aggressive, passionate, impulsive, opinionated, and/or promiscuous. You’re not afraid to show off, and you’re always on the move and don’t usually take no for an answer. You’re very opinionated and doesn’t mind telling things as they are, with your signature sass of course.


Brunettes, the brown-haired ladies, are labeled conscientious, practical, dependable and/or reliable. You have plans of action laid out and are always on the go. You thrive on staying busy, revolving your days around a tough work schedule and responsibilities. Although your hard work might be misunderstood, your drive and passion is your key to many achievements ultimately to success.

As a very natural color, brown translates to brunettes being bold and never being afraid to speak their mind. You are blessed with the tendency to root everyone to reality, to always be truthful and honest, which is why you make a good friend.


Women with black hair are characterized as deep as their hair color. Exotic, introspective, and spiritual, you’re quiet and laid back. You prefer the company of a good book in a small, hidden local coffee shop or with the TV blurting out the news while you settle on your couch and analyze the politics and economy. You’re rather welcoming of challenging conversations where others explain their view even if you mostly find yourself in an argument.

Regardless, the connection between natural hair colors and personalities are most probably next to none. Because if there was, countries with little hair color variations in their people wouldn’t really show diversity. 

Unconventional Hair Colors

While the suggested connection between natural hair color and personality is largely just stereotypical, the same can’t be said with unconventional and unnatural hair colors. Since these hair colors are results of personal choices, they reveal preferences and therefore, personality traits.

Wondering what your unnatural hair color says about you? Let’s have a look! We’ll also cover certain unnatural hair color stereotypes. 

Fiery Red

Red reverberates strongly with physical energy, aggression, and passion. As a very bright color, it shows your more extroverted, social, and attention-seeking desires. It suggests a possibly impulsive and competitive personality that can sometimes burn bridges when others can’t handle your sass and blunt opinions.

Open Blue

As the color of the water and the sky, both of which are vast areas of space and matter, you are likely to be, or at least you aspire to be, calming, collected, confident and trustworthy. You tend to be open-minded and accepting of new ideas. Basically, you’re a logical and rational thinker who think before you act. The downside is that you can come across as somewhat cold or aloof since you don’t seem to be as in touch with your emotions.

Empathetic Pink

Strongly associated with feelings, empathy, nurturing, and femininity and as a generally anti-aggressive color, pink signifies that you are likely to be very in touch with your feelings. You are emotionally impressive but hate confrontations. As the color of love and passion, of youth and joy, pink hair reflects a warm personality that likes to make new friends and acquaintances, learn new things, and share experiences.

Healing Green

The color green is usually analogous with nature, life, healing, and growth. Gravitating towards green most likely means you are searching for balance in life. Physically and mentally, you tend to have a love for nature, wildlife, growth, and healing.

Mysterious Purple

People commonly link the color purple to wealth, royalty, and spirituality. With the tendency to think deeply and search inside yourself to decide what are the important things in life and what is the best way to communicate that to the rest of the world, you are likely to be highly intuitive with idealistic thinking and a fascination with the spiritual and the unknown. As the color of intuition, creativity, mystery, and magic, you look for answers beyond the physical realm and the conventional wisdom.

Spicy Orange and Adventurous Yellow

Choosing the brighter shades of yellow or orange is an expression of spice for life and the love of new adventures. A pack leader and norm changer, you never fail to tap the table with a surprising fashion or a new idea.

Bold Black

As the color that scientifically means the absence of all the others, choosing to wear black means you are searching the world around you. Perhaps, you’re looking for answers to life’s greatest questions. It signifies the ability to think outside the box and look beyond what the eyes can see.

Colorful Highlights

Dying a few strands of your hair with a different color is increasingly becoming the norm. Highlights are so bold and beautiful, and they showcase that you know how to have fun and be creative.

Multiple Brightly Colored Streaks

Like girls with bright hair colors or pretty highlights, dying your hair with multiple colored streaks also show off your bolder personality. You show off fun but you don’t go too far. You can probably find yourself headbanging to your favorite heavy metal rock bank one night and enjoying wine and painting on another. Plus, you rock the colors with confidence and without caring for what other people think. 

Dying unconventional or unnatural colors imply unconventional thinking. It also speaks of the desire to be unique. It’s a way to express themselves and their instinctual impulses in terms of outward appearance and not to seek attention. It shows the desire to be creative, their open mind, and open to new experiences and variety in life.

What your hair color can say about you

Whether it’s a first impression or a snap judgment, we relate other people’s hair color with their personality. In a span of a moment, we have instantly categorized those we encounter according to their hair color, as they also do to us.

Whether we believe it or not, our hair colors reflect our personalities. Oftentimes, these are rooted in reality even when we’re still deciding whether to keep our natural hair color or dye them a different one.

What do you think? Do you agree with these? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

And as always, for more hair articles, don’t forget to check out our ZALA blog!

September 03, 2020
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