Do you remember that time when you told the stylist at the salon to just trim your hair but you ended up with a short bob? Or that time when you requested light brown hair but got dark, auburn hair instead because your stylist didn’t tell you that your hair was too dark for a light brown?

We’ve all experienced getting a bad haircut. If only we can go to the right hairstylist and get that perfect cut every single time. Is that wishful thinking? Or can we actually find the best stylist for our hair needs?

We’ve listed down below 5 tips for finding the best hairstylist for you!

zala finding the best hairstylist


Wondering how to find good hair stylists? There are way too many salons and hairdressers out there and the best way to filter them out is through social media. Most hairstylists nowadays have their own social media page to promote their work.

The first thing you can do is look up the hairstylist on Instagram and you can investigate from there. Do you like the pixie cut they did a few months ago? Are you liking the unique princess up-do with diamond accessories they did last week? Checking their social media accounts is one way to see if their works fit what your hair is looking for.

Although social media is a great way to see their works, it can also be filled with heavily Photoshopped images. It is important to have an eye for these modifications so that you won’t be fooled by their posts. Make sure to check for videos and not just images when you’re wondering how to find a new hair stylist.


Finding the best hairstylist means knowing what’s trendy and what’s not. Being outdated is not a good look. Most of us change our hair to make ourselves feel better or to keep up with the trends.

If you are looking to be in tune with the current fashion scene, it is a great idea to work with a stylist who knows the current what’s in and what’s not of the hair industry.

A great indication of a trendy hairstylist is if they’re continually changing their ways in order to learn the new styles. They are the ones who don’t post the same hair cut on their page every single time. Instead, they find innovative ways to incorporate the current trends into their specialization.


Speaking of specializations, it is important to note the hairstylist’s field of specialty. Most hairstylists are taught to be well-rounded but there will always be that one field they are greatly passionate about.

If you go to a salon and ask for the stylist who does short hair best, oftentimes than not, the person at the front desk will tell you that everyone at the salon is great with short hair. Don’t worry, we’ve all heard this line. That’s why it’s important to do your own research first to make sure that the stylist is indeed the best at the cut you’ve been wanting.


Salons can get expensive and will take a huge lump of cash from your wallet.

Asking yourself, “how do I find a good hair stylist?” When finding the best hairstylist for you, it’s generally a good idea to be practical with the price you’ll be paying your stylist. This is especially if you’re planning to have them do your hair on a regular basis. However, it’s also not a bad idea to invest with people in the more expensive price range.

Do you remember that time when you looked for a particular stylist in a salon because your friend’s hair cut turned out amazing?

But, to your great surprise, it was more expensive than you anticipated! When we’ve already seen the work of a stylist in person, it’s a good idea to give them a chance even if that means spending more than your regular trip to the salon.


We mentioned that it is important to look at their work, but what’s more important than the technicalities is the personality of the person you’re working with. Even if the hairdresser is the number one top-rated best hairdresser for short hair, if your personalities don’t match then it won’t work in the long run.

Even if it’s service you’re looking for and not a friend, it is important to have a great customer-stylist relationship because you will be spending quite your time with them (30 minutes, at least). If you’re willing to compromise great ambiance and conversations for a great hairstyle with awkward interactions, you do you. But if the overall experience is unpleasant, then that’s probably not the best hairdresser for you.

We’ve all had our fair share of experiences with hairstylists who ignore our requests. It can be really difficult to find the hairdresser who can consistently get the style you’re looking for. But once you’re done finding the best hairstylist for you, then expect to have good hair days all the time!

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September 06, 2020
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