What Is Twee Hair & Is It Right for You?

Summer is the perfect time to revive the classic twee hair - a simple style exhibiting an easygoing vibe.

If you use TikTok and Instagram, chances are you've already seen the word "twee" making rounds lately. Pictures and videos of women flaunting thick bangs and colorful, retro-style outfits have flooded social media.

The twee style first emerged in the 50s and continued trending off and on until the 80s. In 2010, it made a huge comeback and gradually became dormant. Now, it has returned with even more vigor.

But what is twee hair? Is it the right style for you? Let's have a look!

What is Twee Hair?

Twee hair features full and thicker bangs with long layers. While the bangs typically end right above the eyes, you can part them down the center and pull them marginally towards the sides (if your hair is longer). While the voluminous bangs are a distinctive feature of this style, the super-soft barely-there layers also make this hairdo look unique.

The subtle layers make your hair voluminous and bouncy without making it look excessively heavy at the bottom. The best part? Since the layers are softer, you can rest assured that your hair doesn't become extremely choppy, like a shag style.

Now you know what twee hair is, but is this a good style for you?

Is Twee Hair Right for You?

Twee hair is perfect for most hair types and suits most face shapes. But we recommend this style for women with medium to long hair. Shoulder-length hair, in particular, looks incredible with the twee style.

If your hair is on the shorter side, you may want to try shoulder-length hair extensions to sport a twee! The good news is that pulling your Clip-in or Tape-in extensions into the twee hairstyle is super easy.

We recommend you visit a salon to get the perfect-looking twee hair. A good stylist will add gorgeous textured bangs to your hair with barely-there layers and a bit of face-framing. Ask your stylist for textured bangs that hang just above your eyes with minuscule layers.

Or you could go with a longer, slightly side-parted bang. This will help add a smoother alteration from your fringe to your hair's length.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to join the trend and flaunt the twee hair! Consider wearing Zala Hair Extensions to add flair to your twee with some extra length, volume, and thickness.
Check out Zala Hair Extensions, choose your preferred length and shade, and place your order online!
April 07, 2023
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