Trending Now: Updo Hairstyles

The 2023 Oscars featured celebrities showing off their stunning gowns and hairstyles. One of the trends that emerged from the Academy Awards ceremony was the return of the updo hairstyles.

From sleek and simple styles to intricate braids and twists, the updo was the go-to hairstyle for many stars. This trend indicates we've officially entered a new era of updos, where the classic style is reinvented with a modern twist. If you’re looking for some inspo on how to style extensions or your natural hair, then this blog is for you!

Here are five popular updo hairstyles that turned heads at the 2023 Oscars:

1. Slicked Bun - Vanessa Hudgens

The slicked bun is a versatile, classic look that always stays in style. Vanessa Hudgens rocked this style at the 2023 Oscars, showing off her sleek bun and polished look, allowing her facial features to be the focal point.

Want to recreate Vanessa's slicked-back bun? Try this sleek and polished look with gel, hairspray, or pomade to smooth down flyaways. This hairstyle is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

2. Sleek Side Part - Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne showed off a sleek side part slicked back in an immaculate chignon on the red carpet. We must admit, it is a perfect combination of beauty and style! This hairstyle made her look even more glam paired with her stunning red gown.

The sleek side part is simple, elegant, and perfect for any occasion. You just need a flat iron, hairpins, and a comb to recreate this dramatic, stylish look.

3. Sleek Middle Part - Miranda Kerr

While the sleek middle part started trending after celebrities Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner wore the style, it went mainstream when Miranda Kerr and Elizabeth Olsen joined the 'clean' girl beauty trend.

Miranda Kerr rocked a show-stopping sleek middle part with a tight chignon at the Vanity Fair afterparty. This hairstyle is effortless yet gives off a sophisticated vibe. What's more, it’s perfect for any face shape and hair type.

4. Top Knot - Rihanna

It's no secret that the top knot is a timeless, fun, and playful updo, perfect for a casual day out. It adds a bold and edgy vibe to your look. Rihanna arrived at the 2023 Oscars with a chic, tousled top knot. The hairstyle complemented her face shape and glam black outfit. The tendrils framing her face added just enough softness to balance out the look. You can create a chic top knot just like Rihanna's with some hairspray and a few bobby pins.

5. Relaxed Low Bun - Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt's relaxed, low bun is a great choice for a laid-back weekend or a brunch date with friends. Emily looked stunning and stylish, with her relaxed low bun accentuating her face shape and gorgeous white gown. This hairstyle is casual yet chic, making it ideal for daytime and evening events.

So, as you see, this year's Oscars showcased some of the most stylish updos we’ve seen in some time. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and sophisticated or relaxed and effortless, you can take inspiration from the celebrity updo hairstyles above.

Try something new this year! Updo hairstyles are a versatile, timeless, and elegant way to elevate your hair game. You can experiment with different updo styles to find the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Remember, if your hair is short or you want to add more oomph to an updo, you can always use a set of quality Zala Hair Extensions. Find everything you need, from new extensions to information on how to put in hair extensions or care for your extensions, all right here at Zala.
April 13, 2023
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