Making Clip in Hair Extensions Look Realistic

Most celebrities wear hair extensions, and fashion-conscious individuals are using this trick to improve their own looks. Making your hair extensions look realistic properly can help make sure that they look natural. This will enhance your style, without drawing too much attention to the hair extensions.

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Pick a Flattering Style

Some of the best ways to make your hair extensions look realistic are to gently tease them in with the rest of your hair.

1: Blending extensions into your natural hair with gentle curls can help to minimize the obvious differences between the two types of hair.

2: Adding a purposely faux element, such as a braided headband, can help to draw attention away from the extensions, making them seem like a more natural part of the overall look.

3: When pulling the hair up, place the extensions under the crown and gently blend into your natural hair. This can help to hide any seams that can make it obvious you are wearing a hairpiece.

4: Ponytails also help to hide the ends of extensions, adding volume without making the hair look artificial. For a more formal occasion, twist your hair up into a bun.

When selecting a hairstyle to wear with extensions, it is better to select a style that focuses on volume rather than looking sleek and styled. Try to minimize a style that focuses too heavily on your part, this can make it hard to hide the clips.

Add Some Style

High-quality hair extensions take to styling very well and this can be a great way to get more out of your overall look.

1: Braids can help to camouflage clip-ins by weaving the artificial strands of hair in with your natural tresses. In a large, messy braid it will be nearly impossible to tell where your extensions are sitting.

2: Add a bit of curl. This will help to blend your hair in with the extensions and add volume to your style.

3: Don’t be afraid to cut your extensions to match your hair length. Matching the length of the extensions to your natural hair will make it much easier to blend them in.

4: Brush your extensions out lightly ahead of time, taking care not to pull in such a way that you will damage them.

When you are curling or adding a product to extensions, make sure that you read any instructions on your product first. Heat or sticky products can damage artificial extensions, in some cases scorching them and rendering them unusable.

Purchase the Right Product

1: Make sure the colour you select is perfect for your hair. If you dye your hair, dye your extensions too so they match.

2: Stick with clip ins. Glues can be very damaging to your hair. Those that are already battling issues with thin hair will find that these more permanent solutions can make their problems even worse.

3: Pick a texture that matches your natural elements. If you have curly hair, it is going to be impossible to blend straight extensions in and make them look natural, and vice versa.

Clip-in-hair-extensions look realistic

Once you get used to styling hair extensions you will be able to blend them in flawlessly.

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October 01, 2013
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