Hair Benefits of Castor Oil

Whether it’s the weather, over styling or simply a side effect of your hair type, everyone deals with hair problems at some point or another. Fortunately, there are products you'll most likely have on hand that can help to combat these issues as and when they arise! In particular, castor oil! Read on to find out all the hair benefits of castor oil and why this is one of the most beneficial products for your locks!

caster oil



Stimulate Hair Growth

Does your natural hair just not seem to grow? Castor oil is known to promote hair growth when applied regularly to the scalp! Not only does castor oil have nourishing properties, massaging this onto your scalp increases blood flow to your follicles to stimulate growth!

Stimulate Hair Growth

Treat a Scalp Infection

Are you experiencing itchiness and flaking? Chances are your scalp is irritated. Castor oil has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that can help keep infections at bay. Apply the oil to your scalp to prevent dandruff and other conditions. This also helps to sooth and relieve from any irritation.

Moisturise and Condition Hair

We love a good conditioning treatment at ZALA, and think they are so necessary to keep your locks healthy. Castor oil makes an amazing treatment, with plenty of omega-9 acids in castor oil that helps to boost moisture. Apply castor oils to the lengths of your hair before bed, then shampoo twice in the morning to be left with super soft, healthy & shiny hair.

Reduce Split Ends

When your hair is unhealthy, it’s going to break and split. Castor oil can deliver amino acids and vitamin E that can help repair follicles. Like our last point, castor oil treatments will work wonders for split ends and will help to prevent any future breakage.

hair benefits of castor oil

Add Shine

Castor oil is amazing at upping shine to lack-lustre hair. Mixing castor oil into your regular hair serum or conditioning treatment can increase these benefits and lead to super healthy, shiny looking hair. With so much to offer and a low price tag to boot, it’s easy to give castor oil a try when your hair is in need!

October 16, 2013
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