Do You Need a Toning Shampoo?

The tone is a significant factor that affects your hair’s overall color. It sets your hair’s warmth, coolness, or neutrality. The right hue of color will make you look more beautiful and boost your confidence. But getting rid of undesirable undertones from your hair is not as easy as it might sound. To improve your hair tone, you have to dig deeper into the relationship between colors. 

At the most basic level, the tone is the intrinsic colorant or hue that your hair emits. It’s measured as a depth or shade that ranges from the darkest to the lightest color on a scale of one to ten. Common examples of hair tone levels include dark, medium, and light. The darkest black color represents level one, whereas the lightest blonde shade represents level ten. 

As you raise the color level, you’ll notice a unique hue. For instance, a level one hair color (darkest black) could emit a blue tint. While black color dominates the eyes, the blue hue will still peek through your hair because it is an intrinsic undertone. 

So, what are warm colors, you ask! Some prominent examples of warm colors include gold, golden brown, yellow, copper, orange, and their variations. On the other hand, green, blue, purple, and related colors fall on the cool side of the color spectrum. And when we talk about level six, it represents a dark blonde shade with ash, orange, or neutral hues.

If you don’t like your hair’s undertone, you can fix it by understanding the association between colors and how they work. 

While it is difficult to achieve the right hair color and tone, many reliable products on the market can help you achieve your hair shade goals. And one of the best products in this department is a toning shampoo

What Is a Toning Shampoo?

A toning shampoo is a type of shampoo that has been formulated to reduce the appearance of undesirable brassy, yellow, or orange undertones on your natural hair. It also helps decrease unwanted hues from artificially colored hair or naturally gray hair. Plus, toning shampoos can help you retain your hair color and even make the shade look more pronounced. 

But, how does a toning shampoo deliver so many benefits? This product is formulated to work on complementary colors sitting straight against one another on the color wheel, which organizes the hues based on their wavelengths. 

So, now you might know why your hairstylist has a color wheel in her office. That’s because it helps them determine color associations. For example, they use it to pick a complementary shade to neutralize undesirable undertones or hues in your hair. 

Do You Need a Toning Shampoo?

A toning shampoo works more like makeshift washouts and stays in your hair until the next shampooing session. It works by coating color on the exterior layer of your locks. 

The product helps hide gray hair in the short run, but it can give your hair a violet hue if you opt to leave it on your hair for an extended time. While violet hair shade is a trendy style right now, you can prevent it (if you don’t like it) by watching when you keep the shampoo in your hair. Ideally, you should keep the toning shampoo in your hair for four minutes and then wash it thoroughly.

But how often can you use a toning shampoo? Most experts recommend using it two to three times a week at most. The best way to use a toning shampoo is to dilute it thoroughly by rubbing it into your hands and applying it to your hair. This will help prevent undesirable undertones from developing in your hair.  

And last but not least, can I remove toner from hair, you ask! If you don’t like the results you achieved through your toner, you can remove the toner from your hair by washing it with a clarifying shampoo. Even though it may not be a perfect solution, it does remove toners from hair to a reasonable extent. But remember that you’ll have to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo many times in a row to see noticeable results. 

While toning shampoo is a good solution, it will take time to achieve your desired outcomes. Meanwhile, you may want to try Zala hair extensions for quick results.

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May 30, 2022
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