Creative Hairstyles to Try With Extensions

Hair plays a crucial role in defining your overall appearance. It can make or break your look, so it makes sense to put effort into maintaining your hair. But with that being said, our hair goes through different stages throughout the changes of our lifetimes. Factors such as aging, pregnancy, illness, stress, elements, and other conditions take a serious toll on our hair. 

Thin or fine hair, lack of volume, and lagged hair growth are real problems that most struggle with. So, is there a magic pill to overcome these problems at once? Unfortunately, no — but thankfully, we do have hair extensions!

Hair extensions instantly give you a whole new look with the addition of length, thickness, and volume to your hair. You can choose whichever extension you feel comfortable with, but make sure it’s made from real human hair so it can look entirely natural and blend perfectly with your hair. 

Once you’ve got your extensions, you might wonder how to put in hair extensions. Or maybe you’d want to know how to style hair extensions. Installing clip-ins and Halo extensions is super easy, so you can take the DIY route if you want to. We recommend you visit a salon for professional installation for other extensions such as tape-ins or weave-ins

The best part about Zala human hair extensions is that they’re so versatile you can pull them into many different hairstyles. Here are three creative hairstyles to try out with Zala hair extensions.  

1. Messy French Twist

The messy French twist is a perfect hairstyle for formal and informal occasions. It’s timeless and complements most face shapes. But it looks gorgeous on long hair, so it’s a good idea to pull your extensions into this style.


  1. Backcomb your hair for a little more volume.
  2. Pull out a few strands on the sides.
  3. Take your hair and pull it back into a ponytail, rolling the edges to the side you want to twist your hair.
  4. Use bobby pins to hold the style in place at the back of your head.
  5. Use mousse on the ends of the twisted part to add some extra shine and texture.
  6. Apply hairspray to keep the style in place and finish off the look.

2. Chignon

A Chignon looks sophisticated, so you may think it will take hours to pull your extensions into this hairstyle. But the truth is that you can imitate this hairstyle in a few minutes and give yourself a beautiful transformation. The Chignon looks perfect with hair extensions!


  1. Begin by creating a low ponytail at the level of the nape of your neck and put an elastic band around it.
  2. Divide the ponytail into two portions, turn them, and swaddle them over each other until you get a baggy rope braid.
  3. Create the Chignon by twisting your hair around your finger; use bobby pins to hold it in place.
  4. Add your favorite accessory to your Chignon for an elegant impact.

3. Ponytail-French Twist Hybrid

A crossbreed of a ponytail and French twist, this is a casual yet chic hairstyle. We’ve seen many celebrities sporting this style on the red carpet. It looks gorgeous with hair extensions and suits most face shapes. 


  1. Tease your hair at the top of your head and pull it into a ponytail.
  2. Turn the pony towards the inside at the nape of your neck and use bobby pins to secure it.
  3. Tease the ponytail's base for a messy or loose effect, and you’re all set!

The final look of your hairstyle depends on the quality and make of your extensions. We recommend you buy only the best quality wefts from renowned brands. 

Zala brings you many different types of 100% Remy human hair extensions in multiple shade and length options. Check out our hair extensions, choose a length and shade, and place your order online!

May 27, 2022
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