Compare Seamless & Lace Weft Extensions

Choosing the right set of clip in extensions can be daunting as a newbie, or even if as a hair extension expert! Not to worry, you can compare seamless & lace weft extensions here so you're sure you pick the perfect set for you!

Check out ZALA's complete guide below on how to choose between seamless and lace weft extensions and the differences between each type.

compare seamless & lace weft extensions

Compare Seamless & Lace Weft Extensions

Seamless Design

  • These sets have been designed and created using the latest technology at ZALA.
  • Available in 16inch and 20inch
  • Available in 9 piece set
  • Has a thin and discreet band which sits flat against the head

Lace Weft Design

  • These sets are our classic clip in designed with laced wefts.
  • Available in 12-30inch sets
  • Available in 5 or 9 piece set
  • Flexible French lace for ultimate comfort once applied

How many pieces and clips?

The ZALA seamless 9 piece set includes:

1 x 5  clip piece (9")

2 x 4 clip pieces (7")

2 x 2 clip pieces (4")

2 x 2 clip pieces (3")

2 x 1 clip pieces (1")


The ZALA lace weft 9 piece set includes:

2 x 5 clip pieces

3 x 3 clip pieces

2 x 2 clip pieces

2 x 1 clip pieces

What about clips?

compare seamless & lace weft extensions

Both our seamless and classic lace weft sets have small, sturdy clips with silicone backing for maximum hold and security.

Weight and feel

Our seamless sets have a discreet design which is 20% lighter than the traditional french lace design. This means each piece is completely undetectable once applied.

Our classic French lace design is also very comfortable, light and ultra natural once applied.

Which set is best for you?

Both the seamless and lace weft extension sets are the same premium quality 100% human remy hair. Both are ultra thick, soft and silky with healthy ends and offer the same amount of hair.

The only difference is their total weight and design. The choice really depends on your preference and hair type!

Need help choosing the right colour or length of ponytail hair extension? Contact our support team at [email protected] and our friendly team will assist you in achieving the ultimate high ponytail using ZALA Hair Extensions.

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March 25, 2018
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