Celebrity Hairstyles: Ariana Grande Short Hair

Ariana Grande is one of the most prominent celebrities in the international music world, making it no shocker to see her every little life decision plastered all over news sites. This includes the most random things like her lovelife, her favorite hobbies, and even her change of hairstyles!

Celebrity Hairstyle: Ariana Grande Short Hair

The pop star has recently posted a few photos with short hair on her Instagram, ditching her longtime ponytail look to the surprise of her many adoring fans. After all, for years Ari had sported the same hairstyle. With a few minor changes here and there, sure. And we've seen some quick restyles throughout the years, but nothing major.

Now, it's time for a big change - the Ariana Grande short hair, as we call it!

Just look at the photo below for proof!

The Ariana Grande Short Hair

ariana grande short hair (c) Instagram @arianagrande

Just like many of her fans, we're going to miss the ponytail and the long hair, of course, but we can't deny that Ari just looks totally cute in her new Ariana Grande short hair! Agree? Agree!

Rumour has it that it's her broken engagement that caused the new hairstyle, but other sources are claiming that it's for an upcoming role. Only Ari knows. But whatever the reason may be, all we can say is that if there's anyone who can rock any hairstyle, it's probably Ari. Those 5M+ favourites on her IG post just says exactly what we're all thinking!

ariana grande short hair (c) @arianagrande

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What about you, what's your favorite short hair look? Do you like Ari's new hair? What are your thoughts? Share your answers in the comments below!

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December 04, 2018
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