Daily Hair Care Routine: Wavy Hair

Like all hair types, you'll need a good daily hair care routine to ensure that your wavy hair is kept voluminous, shiny, and bouncy at all times. While most people may think that wavy-haired people can get the best of both worlds, the truth is, wavy hair can be pretty hard to take care of.

Wavy hair is a unique case since it's not as prone to dryness as curly hair nor is it as prone to oil as straight hair, so it requires a special kind of care.

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This guide is suitable for wavy-haired people. If you have straight hair, go here, and if you have curly hair, go here.


The way to clean your wavy hair is almost the same as cleaning straight hair. Same as with other hair types, daily washing isn't needed when you've got wavy hair. 3-4 times a week is already enough, actually.

However, wavy hair requires special care that you won't see in other hair types. When washing your wavy hair, you have to make sure to shampoo only upper parts and avoid the lower parts, as opposed to dry hair that only needs to be cleaned at the scalp and straight hair that should be cleaned all throughout the strands. Why? Wavy hair is oily at the roots and dry at the ends.

Make sure to always condition the ends to reduce the dryness and keep the volume of your waves!


Wavy hair looks effortlessly amazing when styled well... which is why it's absolutely important to make sure that you always style it correctly.

Wanna know a simple yet great tip for keeping your wavy locks voluminous and well-defined? After washing your hair and putting on a small dollop of leave-in conditioner, use a towel to just dry it slightly before scrunching your waves towards your scalp a couple of times. Scrunching helps your waves keep their shape once your hair has dried. Remember not to brush it anymore after this or you'll lose that gorgeous volume!

And speaking of brushing, it's time to say goodbye to those hairbrushes! Finger combing should do the trick just fine. You can also try twisting your hair by sections to keep those waves looking bouncy.


One of the major problems that many wavy-haired individuals experience is lack of hair volume. Wavy hair has flat roots, which means that it's more prone to oil and grease. This can make your hair stick to your scalp, giving you that flat and dull look.

The best way to tackle this problem would be to stay vigilant when it comes to hair care. Shampoo the scalp and roots properly when you're cleansing and don't forget to use a hair serum or leave-in conditioner once you're done.

The best protection? Leave your hair alone! Don't touch it other than the occasional twist. Trust me, it'll be fine even without your tender loving touch.

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December 05, 2018
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