5 ZALA Hair Products To Freshen Hair Extensions

With great power comes great responsibility. Yes really, even when it comes to your hair extensions. The possibilities on how you can wear your hair are endless with the help of hair extensions. But of course, only when they're properly taken care of.

To help you get their full worth, here are some Zala hair products you can use to freshen hair extensions.

5 ZALA Hair Products To Freshen Hair Extensions

ZALA Hair Products For Fresher Extensions

1. Froth On You Shampoo for Hair Extensions

Much like your own hair, you also need to wash and freshen hair extensions. Using Zala’s Froth On You shampoo to wash your hair extensions will remove the grime they've accumulated with use but not the shine and fluff that make them look lively and vibrant.

Although the Froth On You Shampoo was designed for hair extensions, it's also safe to use on your natural hair. Free of parabens and sulfate that dry and fade hair color, you can be sure that both your extensions and your natural hair can remain healthy at all times.

2. Smooth Talker Conditioner for Hair Extensions

Used best with the Froth On You Shampoo, the Smooth Talker conditioner is specially formulated to protect your hair extensions and prolong its usability. With these two, you can be sure that your hair extensions are smooth, bouncy, and glossy with every step.

The Smooth Talker conditioner is also sulfate- and paraben-free so if having different conditioners for your hair and your hair extensions get a bit expensive to maintain, the conditioner is safe to use on your natural hair.

3. Revive Me Hair Extension Treatment

Containing the moisturizing kernel oil and the antioxidant argan oil, the Revive Me Hair Extension Treatment is formulated to make your hair extensions look and feel alive again. As the name implies, your dull and flat hair extensions can now be revived with amazing shine and frizz control.

To apply, you just need a small amount. Make sure you spread the treatment evenly by rubbing your palms together before applying them on your extensions. When you’re done, air dry your extensions. Remember to use this treatment sparingly.

4. Cool Down Hair Extension Toning Shampoo

Do you feel like your blonde hair extensions are now too brassy? Do you see some shades of yellow in your gray or silver hair extensions?

To neutralize the unwanted yellow and orange hues on your hair extensions, you need a toning shampoo that is hair extension-friendly - such as the Cool Down Hair Extension Toning Shampoo.

Try the shampoo first on a small hair extension piece. You can't bring back its old color once you use this, so it's best that you know what it's going to look like first before you apply it on the whole set. Just to see if you’re okay with the resulting color, basically.

To use, dip your hair extensions piece by piece into a sinkful of water mixed with only a small amount of the toning shampoo. Make sure the diluted toner is evenly distributed on the hair extensions. Remove the hair extensions and let them air dry.

It is important to remember to follow the usage instructions very closely because the formulation may be stronger than you think.

5. Warm Up Hair Extension Tone Enhancer

If the toning shampoo gets rid of the golden hues on the hair extensions, then Zala’s Warm Up Hair Extension Tone Enhancer can make the color of your hair extensions as warm as you like.

Just like with the Cool Down Toning Shampoo, you should try the enhancer first on one piece of your hair extensions to see how golden you want the hair extensions to become and if you like the outcome. There’s no going back once you’ve applied the tone enhancer on your extensions.

You can either apply it directly to wet hair extensions or dilute it first with the Smooth Talker conditioner. Leave it on until you achieve your desired color. Lastly, rinse it off and don't forget to condition your hair afterwards.

Taking Care Of Your Hair Extensions

Your hair extensions may not last for more than one or two uses if they are not well-maintained. It will be difficult to blend them naturally with your own hair if they've become flat, dry, and frizzy or if the color isn’t right. Worst, they may become unusable at all.

Taking proper care of them by knowing how to freshen hair extensions is the key to making these beautiful investments last!

For more hair extension care tips, don't forget to check out our Zala blog!

December 09, 2020
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