Which Hair Extensions Last the Longest?

When you’re investing your hard-earned money into any product, it makes sense to research how long the product will last. And hair extensions are no exception. You want to know which hair extensions last the longest so that you can make a good buying decision. 

It’s always a good idea to buy a set of extensions that will last you longer. Generally, all extensions made of 100% Remy human hair last longer than their non-Remy and synthetic counterparts. But their lifespan also differs based on the type of extension, the application method, frequency of use, and the care they receive. 

Let’s have a look at the different lifespans of the leading types of hair extensions:

1. How Long Do Tape-in Hair Extensions Last?

As the name implies, tape-in extensions are installed in your hair by using adhesive tape at the base of each weft. These semi-permanent hair extensions are pretty in demand because their installation requires no heat. Also, the wefts allow your natural hair to grow without any problems. 

With proper care, tape-in hair extensions last between four to six months on average. But after their installation, you have to visit your stylist every four to six weeks to adjust or move up the wefts as your natural hair’s growth can loosen them over time. 

Be sure not to brush or comb the wefts when they’re damp. Allow the extensions to dry out before fully brushing them with a loop brush. This practice will improve their lifespan and retain their silky-soft look and feel.

2. How Long Do Clip-in Hair Extensions Last?

Clip-ins are by far the most popular hair extensions out there. They are super easy to apply, remove, and reapply, besides being the least damaging to your natural hair. You don’t need to go to a salon to put these temporary extensions in your hair. With a bit of practice, you’ll learn to install clip-in extensions at home like a pro.

Like tape-in extensions, clip-ins come as hair wefts but with small and discreet silicone-coated clips at the base of each weft. The clips hold the wefts firmly to your hair. 

Clip-in hair extensions can last between four and seven months with daily use. And if you wear these extensions occasionally, they can last from nine to 12 months and even longer with proper care. 

To prolong their life span, make sure to always wash your clip hair extensions with sulfate-free and alcohol-free products. And brush the wefts only when they’re fully dry after you wash them. Brushing the extensions when they’re wet can result in hair breakage and shedding. Also, remove the hair extensions before sleeping. You can reapply them in a snap the next day.

3. How Long Do Sew-in Hair Extensions Last?

Sew-in or weave hair extensions are installed by braiding your natural hair into cornrows and then applying the wefts to the braided hair using a thread or needle. 

Sew-ins are somewhat permanent hair extensions that would last two months on average. The maximum lifespan of these extensions is four months. Keeping the wefts in your hair longer than four months may affect your natural hair’s growth. 

You can increase the lifespan of sew-in hair extensions by moisturizing your scalp and the edges of the hair. 

4. How Long Do Fusion Extensions Last?

Fusion or pre-bonded hair extensions come in individual hair strands with glue pre-installed at the end of each strand. The glue holds the extensions to the individual strands of your natural hair. This makes your hair look naturally longer and fuller. 

On average, fusion hair extensions last three to four months. Also, you’ll need to visit your stylist to adjust these extensions every two months. 

You can prolong the life of these extensions by washing your hair with sulfate-free and alcohol-free products. Try not to use heat tools as it can cause the bonds to come loose. Also, do not apply oily products where the extensions attach to your hair.

So, now that you’re aware of the lifespan of most types of hair extensions, you can easily choose a set that you think is best for you and lasts for a considerable amount of time. In any case, make sure always to wash, brush, and store your hair extensions properly, as it’s crucial to take care of your hair extensions for them to last longer. 

Still unsure which hair extension type is best for you? Our buying guide makes it easy to determine the perfect length, style, and color for your extensions. Get started on your journey to fuller, longer hair here.

Long Lasting Hair Extensions
March 01, 2022
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