What Is Your Hair Identity.

We're not saying that your hair defines who you are. But we're nuts about hair! Read on and let us predict your hair identity.

What is your hair identity?

We are all unique and so is our hair. Ladies, we can assure you that giving your hair an identity is not weird OK? Now repeat after me..."This is totally normal!" 

Let us help you explore your potential hair identity which may help you answer the question you have been asking yourself your whole life: "What is my hair?" OK let's go!

Hair Identity #1: Sleek and Tight

Sleek and Tight

If Cat Woman was a hairstyle, she would be "Sleek and Tight." This clip in wrap Human Hair Ponytail in the shade Beachy Blonde #613. This hairstyle represents a woman who is determined and ready to get things done. You go girl!

Hair Identity #2: Calm and quirky

hair identity

If you like your hair like this, natural yet full of character then we have matched you to your hair identity. Congratulations! You're "Calm and Quirky." Like your hair, you're easygoing, fun and the person people count on to make them smile! Psst! This look can be achieved with our 12" Clip In Extensions in the shade Natural Black #1B.

Hair Identity #3: Fierce and stern

hair identity

Nothing screams "Don't mess with me or my hair!" more than sleek straight hair. This hairstyle is simply a warning for anyone in your way to step aside because you are a woman on a mission! You are competitive and ambitious. Yes girl! Wearing our Chestnut Brown #6 26" Extensions. 

Hair Identity #5: Sexy and confident

Hair Identities

Girl, we aspire to have your confidence. Your hair is long and full of body and life and is full of seduction. People are drawn to you and your energy (but most importantly, your fabulous hair). Wearing our Snickers Highlights #4/12.

June 22, 2018
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