Sleeping with Tape Hair Extensions

You’ve had your tape hair extensions put in, you look great but now it’s time for bed. Uh, oh! Find out our best tips for sleeping with tape hair extensions!

We all know it too well, the long morning routine to get our hair ready for the day. Depending on how long your hair extensions are, waking up in the morning to do your hair can take hours! That’s not even taking into consideration washing and drying time! Not to fret! There is a way to avoid having to get up early after sleeping with hair extensions to do your hair. That’s by doing your hair the night before!

In this post, we’ll tell you how to sleep with hair extensions and protect your hair before you go to bed!


Dry your hair as much as possible

So, how to sleep with tape in extensions? First things first, prepare your hair using your regular routine, but try to air-dry your hair as much as possible before going to bed. As long as your tape in hair extensions are dry on the surface, it will be safe to sleep on comfortably.

Secure your hair as much as possible

If you’re going to bed with damp hair, be sure to braid your hair before you sleep. This will keep your hair secure with much less movement and allow your tape hair extensions to dry properly and undisturbed while you sleep.


Protect your hair as much as possible

Wondering how to protect hair extensions while sleeping? We know that as little movement as possible to your hair while it is drying results in less frizz and more control. Sleeping without moving is not a reality, but switching from a cotton pillowcase to a silk pillowcase can lessen that.

Silk pillowcases are much softer and easier on your hair. This is because silk is great for preventing frizz. As the fabric is smoother than most common fabrics used for pillowcases, less friction is caused throughout your sleep meaning that your hair will be smoother in the morning. This means they are the perfect to maintain the condition of your ZALA tape hair extensions as well as your natural tresses.


Comb and detangle your hair as much as possible

If your hair has got a little frizz first thing in the morning, not to worry! Spray a little of the Revive Me Hair Treatment, and comb through with the ZALA Tangle Tamer, voila!

Bonus styling to blend the hair extensions as much as possible

To blend your tape hair extensions the best style tip is to curl them! Using the ZALA COSMO Curling Wand to blend your hair with the tape in hair extensions.

Sleeping with tape hair extensions doesn’t have to be scary! Tag us in your photos of your tape in hair extensions on instagram!

April 19, 2018
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