What to Expect When You Get Tape In Extensions

Have you been on the hunt for the ultimate semi-permanent hair extensions that’ll elevate your everyday look? Well, grab ahold of your hairbrush because you’ve just found the holy grail: Tape in Extensions!

In this blog, we’re descending into the land of Tape in Extensions and giving you all the best tips and tricks. Say sayonara to drab hair days and hello to getting your main character moment with these extensions under your belt.

Get ready to enter the spotlight and unleash your newfound obsession because Tape in Hair Extensions are such a look!

All About Tape In Extensions

Tape in Extensions are true pioneers in the world of hair transformations. Imagine you’ve been in the discovery phase for long, silky locks you can flaunt effortlessly and suddenly come across the best solution. Your ticket to instant gratification has been cashed in with tape in extensions.

If you’re wondering how much Tape in Extensions are, we’re here to share that they’re worth every penny. Developed from human hair, they offer unmatched softness and durability. Tape in extensions have the ability to move and blend into you naturally easily, gliding in sync with your every twist and turn.

Unlike traditional clip-ins, Tape in Extensions are discreet and undetectable. Their attachment method allows you a flawless finish that’s as natural as it gets. And these extensions boast longevity as they last from 6-8 weeks, letting you rock your hair for a good and lengthy time.

Applying Tape In Extensions

Do you really want to know how to apply tape in extensions? Here’s the tea: application is critical when it comes to tape in extensions and executing an immaculate, salon-worthy look. While the technique is pretty straight to the point, leaving it in your favorite professional hairstylist’s hands is highly recommended to ensure your tresses stay put and look oh-so-fab for as long as possible.

One of the main application methods is the tried and true “sandwich method,” which many skilled stylists use. This is done by applying an adhesive tape on top and another underneath your natural hair at the root.

With this technique, you’ll be given a secure hold and the freedom to dance the night away with no hair worries. So, while it may be tempting to DIY, trust us on this – leave it to the pros, and you’ll thank us later! And who doesn’t adore a good pampering? We know we do!

Tape In Extensions Upkeep

How to care for Tape in Extensions is much simpler than you think, but it’s essential so you can maintain their precious appearance. Firstly, delicate handling is crucial. When brushing your hair, start from the ends and make your way up to prevent pulling and tangling for the least stress on your natural hair and the extensions.

Avoid oil-based hair products near your roots – we know you like to moisturize, but this hairstyle is not oil-friendly since it can weaken the adhesive tapes and make them lose their grip. After application, be sure to give your hair time to settle and let the adhesive fully bond, so wait 24-48 hours to shampoo and condition.

For those who like to heat style, use a heat protectant spray to shield your hair and the extensions from damage and keep them both looking their best. By following these simple yet essential tips, your extensions will stay gorgeous and long-lasting!

Benefits of Tape In Extensions

Let’s talk about the fabulous benefits of Tape in Extensions – essentially, hair innovation in a box. These extensions present a natural appearance, so a look at tape in extensions before and after will mainly differ in length because they basically mimic your natural hair.

And there’s more – these beauties call for less maintenance than other extension methods, giving you more time to look fantastic and less time to fuss about your hair. Plus, there’s no scalp discomfort or irritation, and they open a world of possibilities for styling. From up-dos to low ponytails, you can have it all!

There’s no need to stress about extra weight because they’re super light and comfortable to wear – you’ll forget they’re in! It’s all about enhancing your natural loveliness and indulging in a bit of hair charisma.

Shop Zala’s Tape In-Extensions

If you’re shopping for premium-quality tape in extensions, look no further than Zala. Our Tape-In Hair Extensions can be applied in as little as 30 minutes and last up to 8 weeks, giving you seamlessly blended semi-permanent length and volume that’s sure to wow everyone around you.

Made from 100% Remy Human Hair, Zala’s invisible Tape in Extensions are your token to attaining glorious hair at an affordable rate compared to other semi-permanent routes. And if you’re unsure of your shade, take advantage of our FREE shade match tool and get personalized results in minutes.

There’s nothing better than making the right move, so make it with Zala. Boost your style today!
February 19, 2024
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