Ponytail hair extensions - Create the pony look instantly

Do you want the ultimate pony tail?

A celebrity do that is so sleek and glamorous your friends will be begging for your hair secret. Create your ponytail hair extensions with ease. You don’t need to go out and buy new complicated hair extensions to create pony tail hair. Just use your regular clip in hair extension sets to create a long, full, sleek celebrity ponytail.

Ponytail Hair Extensions

Create this popular pony tail with 24 inch hair extensions for a super long look or You can also use 20 inch clip hair extensions for an everyday pony style.

Pony hair extensions are done by tying all your natural hair back in a ponytail and combing it all back so it is super smooth, then adding another hair elastic about 5 cm below your first hair elastic.

Then begin wrapping your hair extensions around your ponytail starting at the second hair elastic working your way up towards the top of your ponytail.

Ponytail hair extensions video


Watch this perfect pony  video demonstration using clip in hair extensions to create a beautiful high ponytail

Then get a thin chunk of hair and wrap around the top of your ponytail securing it with bobby pins. This is the easiest way to create your own pony hair extension’s, it is so quick and adds instant glamour to any average pony tail.

We recommend practicing a few times so you won't be stressed and rushed trying to pull off this look for a special occasion. The video may make it seem easier than it actually is, but before long you will be able to apply them with ease. It just takes practice! Here is a direct link to the youtube clip on ponytail hair extensionsponytail hair extensions

Low pony tail with hair extensions

Create this low pony tail with 24 inch clip in hair extensions available at the ZALA Online store for $169.99

Check out our celebrity hair extensions post for the inside scoop on celebs with hair extensions.

May 07, 2013
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