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On the hunt for the perfect platinum blonde hair extensions? Today we're talking all things platinum blonde, featuring our most popular shade at ZALA! Read on for everything you need to know about platinum blonde hair extensions. See why platinum gals can't get enough of our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60.

platinum blonde hair extensions


First up, choosing your perfect platinum tone! This dreamy hue has many variations! From creamy blonde to super ashy, depending on how much warmth you have in your natural hair. Ashy platinum locks are super on trend right now, which is why our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 sets are always flying out the door! They're the most sought-after shade of platinum, with brilliant ashy tones & no need for any damaging toners or bleach!


Our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 is by the far our best selling shade at ZALA! Not only is this shade one of the most accurate platinum colours on the market, it's absolutely perfect for those with white blonde hair who loves ashy tones. We'd describe it as an almost white blonde with brilliant icy tones. And despite the process the hair goes through to achieve this amazing platinum colour, our #60 is still super soft & silky just like the entire ZALA hair range. Serious platinum goodness! We offer our Ice Queen Platinum Blonde #60 across our clip in, tape AND ponytail range in a variety of lengths from 12-30 inches. You're bound to find your perfect set of platinum hair extensions at ZALA.


Just like your natural hair, platinum blonde hair extensions do require a little extra TLC. This is simply because they have gone through a long dying process, so taking extra care of your platinum extensions is a must! Always make sure you use low heat settings are a detangling using a hair extension safe brush with soft bristles. In terms of products, we always recommend using a good quality deep conditioning treatment/mask as well as a hydrating hair serum or leave in conditioner. These are on our VITAL list when taking care of your platinum locks to keep them healthy and maintain their soft & silky feel.

Want the perfect set of platinum blonde hair extensions? If you're still unsure on the shade, we've got you, girl! We offer a quick & easy colour match service at ZALA which is completely FREE. Send in your photos HERE for our expert shade advice!


June 02, 2017
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