Winter Hair Care Tips

Brrr! Now that winter is in full force, it’s time to up your hair care routine! For our ZALA babes that are facing the cold, we’ve put together our top hair care tips for winter season woes to help keep your locks healthy all season long. Read on for everything you need to know to up your winter hair care game.

winter hair care tips



Our first of these winter hair care tips is to switch up your shampoo & conditioner. Hydration is KEY in winter, so opt for a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, rather than cleansing or clarifying. And on the topic of washing your hair, try doing so as little as possible! These tips combined will help lock in moisture and avoid breakage during the colder months.


We know it’s more tempting to up the heat during winter – at ZALA we’re definitely guilty of reaching for our straighteners & ZALA Cosmo Curling Wands when the temperature drops. However, it’s so important to make sure you’re not sacrificing your hair’s health! When you’re reaching for your hot tools during winter, always be sure to use a good quality heat protectant prior to styling. This may not seem like it’s doing a whole lot at the time, but it definitely helps to prevent damage and breakage in the long run.


Next up is probably THE most important hair care tip during winter. Most of us should really be treating our locks to a hair masque at least once a fortnight, but when winter rolls around it’s super beneficial to be doing this 1-2 times a week. Not only will this keep your hair feeling super soft & silky, it’ll help to add shine and elasticity to dull winter tresses. Adding a serum to your hair care routine during winter will boost hydration!


Last but certainly not least, nothing enhances your hair during winter like a premium set of quality hair extensions. We LOVE hair extensions during the colder months as they instantly liven up dull winter locks and reduce the amount of styling on natural hair. To extend their lifespan, browse online for clip in hair extension care tips and make sure to closely follow all the hair care instructions. Extensions need to be washed and hydrated regularly to maintain their shape and quality, for starters.

winter hair care tips

What are your hair care tips for extensions to help you get through winter? If you want your winter hair on point, shop our full range of premium quality clip in & tape hair extensions.

June 06, 2017
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