Our Top 4 Mardi Gras Hair Ideas 2021

If the Christmas season is all fun and cheer, the Lenten season is somber and introspective. Before we fully immerse ourselves in the reflection and repentance come Ash Wednesday though, we’ve got the Carnival season as a time to eat, drink, and be merry.

What better way to take part in this year’s celebrations than to show off your gorgeous, aptly-themed hair? Whether you’re on the streets watching the parades or at your favorite local pub literally eating, drinking, and being merry, there’s a hairstyle that fits however you want to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Best Mardi Gras Hair Ideas For 2021

For Casual Parade Watching: Textured Ponytail Or High Bun


If you’re interested in seeing how the floats will look during the parade and what kinds of throws you’re going to get, then the most important aspect of your hairstyle should be how well it stays in place. After all, you can’t have your strands distracting you or getting in your way as you navigate the busy streets.

For situations like this, a simple textured ponytail or high bun would be a great choice. Styling your hair in an elaborate hairdo will be a waste of effort after spending hours amidst the sea of people and under the heat of the sun.

For All-Out Parade Participation: Colored Hair

You’re already going all-out with the custom-made costume that you started planning right after last year’s Mardi Gras, so it goes without saying that your hair should be all-out too. With hair extensions, not only can you have longer and more voluminous hair in an instant, you can also have colored hair in a snap without worrying about what happens after the festivities.

Hair extensions allow you to let your hair wild and free without permanently changing its color. Thanks to this, you’re now ready to be whoever you want to be on Mardi Gras.

For The Aristocratic Balls: Loose Crown Braids

Mardi Gras balls used to be exclusive events where debutantes are formally introduced to high society. Although the balls nowadays are much more open and a lot less formal, there’s no rule saying that you can no longer embrace your inner royalty.

A perfect hairstyle for situations like this is loose crown braids, inspired by the noblewomen from centuries ago. You can add some accessories to add a modern touch to an otherwise regal hairstyle.

For The Carnival Nights: Knotted French Braid

Mardi Gras is a celebration of life, so there’s nothing wrong if all you want to do for this holiday is to party your nights away.

Just in case you start having too much fun, it’s helpful to have your hair tied back in a knotted French braid to prevent getting any dirt or spilled drinks on your beloved strands. The braid can also keep your hair tangling during fun, carefree parties.

For The King Cake Party: Braided Ponytail

Last but definitely not least is a hairstyle for the king cake party. Extravagant hairdos are not needed, while overly simple ones are clearly not an option.

A great compromise would be ponytails with a twist. It doesn’t matter if you go with a simple braid, a fishtail twist braid, or something else – braids, in general, are stylish enough for parties, while complex enough that you will never look boring in them!

Mardi Gras only happens once a year, so you should make the best out of it!

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February 10, 2021
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