Nordic White: Whiter Than Platinum

Hair trends, like all other trends, tend to come and go, but there are a few that creates an impact hard enough to leave a lasting impression.

Such is the case for Nordic white. We first saw this unbelievable color making its rounds on the Gram earlier this year, and what can we say, there was certainly something magical about it!

Presenting to you Nordic white, a color whiter than platinum!


Nordic White: Where Did It Come From

Nordic white is a trendy hair color that was inspired by, as its name implies, the icy terrains of Norway.

It looks very similar to platinum and yet it still seems like a much cooler and more solid color. Some describe it as a cross between light gray and light blonde, since it also tends to look silvery-white in certain lighting.

Nordic White In Pop Culture

White hair has been around since forever, but in our pop culture, there's probably no one with white hair who's more iconic than Daenerys Targaryen from the hit series Game of Thrones. Even those who have never watched a single episode of the series may recognize Daenerys simply because of her long, braided white hair.

How To Get Nordic White Hair

The only way to get this hair color is to bleach your hair. Depending on how dark your hair is, it could be a long, arduous process just to come close to the color. You'll also need bottles of purple shampoo at all times to keep all the brassy tones away from your strands.

Should I Get This Hair Color?

While it is possible to get this color, it's best that you think twice before you do so. The main question you should be asking first before anything is, should you even get it?

Quite obviously, this isn't a hair color that you can easily achieve with your standard hair coloring procedures.

For one, the process to get it is quite risky for your hair as it required lots and lots of bleaching, which, as you may already know, is very damaging.

Platinum is already hard to achieve even with bleaching, and you'd have to step that process up a notch higher to get Nordic white. You may need to bleach your hair more than thrice or four times for hours at a time in order to get the perfect white color. For many people, especially those with thin hair, these sessions can be downright fatal for their strands.

Not to mention, even if you do manage to achieve it, maintaining is another hard feat. You'll have to constantly bleach the roots over and over again to match the colors, and you'll have to do some serious care to prevent your bleached hair from drying out completely.


So if you're going to ask us whether you should get this hair color or not? It's a fun hair color, yes, but you should probably see first if you can handle the process and the maintenance before you get it. Or, you know, if you wanted something close, you can always just use our ice queen platinum hair extensions here at ZALA!

For more hair trends, feel free to check out our ZALA blog!

October 04, 2019
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