Mini Hair Straightener

It's an exciting time of year at ZALA HQ! Christmas is around the corner and our new products are now on the shelves! Looking for a gift for someone else, or something for yourself? Introducing: Our Mini Hair Straightener. Perfect for those on the go!

 Mini Hair Straightener

Christmas and holidays are just around the corner and that means a few things:

  1. Parties
  2. Presents
  3. Holidays

You know what those events all need? A Mini Hair Straightener which is the perfect size for your purse, a great Christmas gift, and super convenient for when you are travelling!

Mini Hair Straightener

Our new Mini Hair Straightener features include:

  • Swivel Cord
  • Heats up to 220 Degrees C (428 Degrees F)
  • Locking closure
  • On/Off Switch
  • Grip texture
  • Smooth Exterior to prevent hair snagging
  • Blue and Black branded body
  • Heat Proof Bag

Heat Proof Pouch With Every Mini Hair Straightener

Protect your new Mini Hair Straightener whilst travelling in this convenient heat proof bag. It is compact and ready to go travelling with you! Able to withstand temperatures up to to 220 Degrees C (428 Degrees F) you can safely store your ZALA Mini Hair Straightener straight after use and be on your way!

360 Degree Swivel Cord


Style your hair with ease. Our ZALA Mini Hair Straightener has an inbuilt 360 Degree swivel cord which means you can easily curl your hair too!

Locking closure

mini hair straightener

With an inbuilt locking closure, you can easily pack away your ZALA Mini Straightener when it is not in use.

New exciting tutorials for our Mini Hair Straightener will be appearing on our Youtube Channel Soon! Don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date with exciting tutorials and look books! Mini Hair Straightener

Interested in our Mini Hair Straightener or other exciting accessories? Check out our growing accessories range here.

Have a question or product suggestion? Email: [email protected] and a team member will respond within 24 business hours.

December 18, 2017
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