How to tone hair extensions in 7 easy steps

Buying hair extensions online can be tricky, especially for blondes. When you get your hair professionally dyed at the hairdressers, they will usually tone your hair after your cut/treatment. Therefore, you’ll need to know how to tone hair extensions in order for them to match. ZALA hair extension shades like Beachy Blonde and Ice Queen Platinum Blonde are the lightest shades on offer. However, these shades are not white blonde or super ashy. If your hair is very ashy or white blonde, toning will definitely help in matching the colour.

Don’t be afraid of toning hair extensions! It doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating. This blog on how to tone extensions will walk you through it step by step!

What will I need to tone hair extensions?

how to tone hair extensions

  • A set of premium ZALA hair extensions
  • A toning shampoo, eg BLONDA/ FUDGE
  • Some disposable gloves if you don’t want to end up with purple hands
  • Heat straightener and brush for styling at the end

1) Choosing Your Ideal Hair Extensions Shade

Buy the closest shade to your current hair colour. If your hair is white blonde, go with Ice Queen Platinum #60. If your hair has a little more depth to the shade, go with Beachy Blonde #613. You can ask the friendly staff at ZALA to assist you. They will provide advice on which shade is best for you!

2) Which Shampoo Is Best For Toning Hair Extensions?

Fill your sink with lukewarm water. Add a squeeze of your purple shampoo to the water and swish around until it is dissolved. You can use any brand of purple shampoo you like.

unite blonda shampoo for hair extensions

This shampoo is what we have used in our how to tone hair extensions guide

3)  Purple Shampoo To Tone Hair Extensions

Toning extensions with purple shampoo is very effective. Use one single clip piece to test your product first. Dunk your piece in the water and gently massage the purple water into the hair. This should only take 20 seconds per piece as you don’t want to turn your hair extensions purple! If it is all going smoothly, continue this process throughout the rest of the set. This step is important to ensure you’re happy with the shade, as we do not cover any costs if you’re unhappy with the end result.

purple toning shampoo for hair extensions

Always add the toner to the water, don't rub the toner straight into the hair, dilute it first.

4) Rinse Out The Purple Wash Shampoo

Once all your pieces have been shampooed with your purple wash, drain your sink so no shampoo is left in there. Run the tap as you rinse each piece starting with the piece which has been left the longest. Rinse thoroughly so there is no residue left.

5) Conditioning Hair Extensions After Toning

Apply a nice moisturising conditioner throughout each piece and leave on for about 5-10 minutes to allow them to hydrate. Rinse out thoroughly so there is no greasy residue left.

6) Drying Clip In Hair Extensions After Washing

Place your set neatly on a towel and pat dry to remove any excess water rather than wringing them out. You can leave them on the towel to dry or hang them up. Either way, allow them to dry naturally.

drying hair extensions

Always let your extensions air dry on a towel, don't rush the drying process. Yes you will need to brush and straighten after washing to bring back that silky feel

7) Straightening And Styling Extensions

Once your hair extensions are dry, show them some TLC and brush each piece gently and straighten them flat to slick out any fly aways!

Straightening Hair Extensions

There you have it! It is super easy to remove any brassy tones or yellow shades from your ZALA hair extensions. Follow these easy steps and you’ll no longer wonder how to tone hair extensions ash blonde.

Important Tips When Toning Hair Extensions:

  • Always practise on one piece first
  • Never bleach your extensions to avoid irreversible dryness
  • Treat your extensions with care, they are a delicate product
  • ZALA is not responsible for unwanted results after toning or dying hair extensions so please be careful!

We have a quick and easy guide on how to tone your ZALA hair extensions below, so make sure you check out our full guide for everything you need to know. 


March 17, 2014
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