How to care for hair extensions

When buying hair extensions, you should know how to care for hair extensions to ensure you get the max lifespan out of them. If you wear your clip in hair extensions every day, it may reduce the longevity of your hair extensions in comparison to those who wear them for special occasions only.


How To Care For Hair Extensions

Either way, you still want to get the most out of your extensions. This means caring for them with a little TLC! Here are 5 tips for prolonging the life of your clip in locks and keeping them silky and soft!

How Often Should You Wash Hair Extensions?

Number one on our tip guide as we can’t stress this point enough. Only wash your extensions when there is a lot of product build up. It is hard to give a number regarding how many times in your hair extensions life they should be washed as it depends on how often they are worn. Get a feel for the time frame where they start to feel less than fresh. If they begin to have an odour or they have a build-up of product, then that is a sure sign they need washing. If you have worn them 3 or 4 times; this does not instantly mean they should be washed.

Go for a monthly routine where you consider if they need freshening up as a guide. Why should you limit how often you wash your set? Hair extensions cannot produce natural oils as your own hair would. Once you begin washing them, you are removing the last of the natural oils left in the hair. Every time they are washed after that, the fewer oils there will be in the extensions. This will create a very dry set of hair extensions and you may find they become hard to manage.

Remember- washing hair extensions shortens the life!

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How To Store Hair Extensions?

At Zala Hair Extensions, we offer you two different storage methods with your set. You can store your set in the box they arrive in or in the plastic sleeve issued. This will prevent products coming in contact with them or assisting in keeping them silky and tangle free. Understanding how to care for hair extensions includes storing them safely. Alternatively, you can purchase a coat hanger with clips to hang your set. Just ensure you hang them away from high moisture areas.

Your bathroom draw is a big “no-no” ladies.

Hair Extensions And Sunlight

Especially in the summer months, try and wear a hat when sitting in direct sunlight. The last thing you want is your colour fading or altering due to harsh sun. Just like your natural hair, your brunette hair extensions may start to fade and your blonde locks may turn brassy if in the harsh sun.Wear that wide brim hat at the beach to protect your locks. Sunlight will fade hair extensions.

Dying My Hair Extensions

Although our hair extensions can be dyed, we highly suggest any alterations should be done with care. Test any colours on a single piece before continuing. Don’t treat you luxury hair as a science experiment, follow the rules of DIY dying and you can end up with your perfect set!

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Important points to remember:
- Always test your hair product on one piece
- Don't leave your colour in too long
- Use a high-quality dye
- Never bleach your hair extensions
- Always test on one piece to ensure the colour is perfect!
- How To Style Hair Extensions

Don’t be afraid to straighten your hair extensions. When done gently and properly, this can make the hair look silkier and sleeker. Using a good quality hair straightener and a brush, straighten each piece individually. It will flatten any fly away’s and spruce up the appearance of your ZALA hair.
March 11, 2014
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