How to make your synthetic hair extensions look real

Are you dreaming of hair extensions that mimic real hair without breaking the bank? Discovering how to make synthetic hair look real is no easy feat, but the struggle is long over!

When it comes to Zala Hair Extensions, the line between synthetic and human hair is practically nonexistent. With the innovative Vegan Keratin Hair Extensions, you won’t sacrifice style, shine, and volume when blending extensions.

Step aboard as we present to you tips on how to make synthetic hair extensions look real and various synthetic hair extensions from Zala Hair that gift you with silky, natural results.

Texture and Layering

Say hello to texture and layers if you want hair that’s fire and all you. Cutting extensions to blend is the ultimate move to make synthetic hair harmonize with your natural hair like a boss. Whether you’re into those bouncy layers or slaying a wolf cut, a quick snip can level up your hair game to look effortlessly real.

And here’s where the spotlight shines on Clip In Keratin Hair Extensions from Zala Hair. They’re not just synthetic hair extensions; they’re your hair’s secret weapon. As they redefine authenticity, they’re also the epitome of affordability as you welcome luxuriously long locks in an instant.

Styling and Blending

It’s time to awaken your inner stylist as you infuse your synthetic extensions with spiral curls, flowing waves, or a simple straight look. When working your magic, these extensions gradually make synthetic hair look real, merging with your natural hair as it’s shaped.

The best companion to your styling ventures is none other than Zala Hair’s Keratin Clip In Ponytail Extensions. This hair addition stands as a canvas for creativity with its ability to exude the charm of sleek straightness or lively curls. Ready to take on the challenge? Remember the golden rule while styling with heat tools: your Keratin Extensions are their absolute best when treated with temperatures less than 140℃/284℉. Happy styling!

Color Matching

Elevating your synthetic hair extensions from ordinary to extraordinary begins with a simple yet crucial step: selecting the perfect shade. Choosing a hue that mirrors your natural color results in a masterpiece of seamless hair. But it doesn’t end there – different shades open doors to experimenting with highlights and lowlights, weaving in multi-dimensional naturalness.

Introducing the Keratin Halo Hair Extensions from Zala Hair, the ideal option that allows you to change your hair within moments. Unveiling lush, flowing locks that protect your hair and your wallet with halo extensions is a dream come true with Zala Hair.

Excited to find out your signature shade? Zala Hair Extensions revolutionary online color-matching service lets you say goodbye to guesswork when it comes to your natural hair color.

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A few quick details and pictures of your hair are all it takes for this tool to handpick a shade meant for you. Take on the world with natural-looking synthetic extensions with your perfect natural hair tint.

Synthetic Keratin Extensions vs. Human Hair Extensions

Curious about the distinction between synthetic keratin extensions and human hair extensions? At Zala Hair, we’re proud to offer both hair types to cater to different preferences.

Keratin Hair Extensions from Zala Hair are a synthetic keratin-fiber material engineered to replicate the look and texture of natural hair. These extensions venture on the path of semi-permanence, requiring minimal upkeep. They can grace your locks with their allure for 3-5 months with proper care.

Yet, some limitations exist; dyeing and rebonding are not recommended with these synthetic extensions. This can result in dramatically decreasing the lifespan of the synthetic hair. And when it comes to heat styling, recognize that less is more – a setting no higher than 140°C/284℉ is a must. And to amp up your choices, our halo, ponytail, and clip in extensions feature Synthetic Keratin options, allowing you to indulge in glamorous tresses. The affordability factor is also a showstopper, making them your go-to alternative for special occasions and playful style shifts.

On the flip side, Human Remy hair extensions embody realness, as they are crafted entirely from 100% human hair. This similarity to our natural strands translates to a smooth integration from flat, natural hair to chic, flourishing hair during application. And if you’re a fan of testing out new colors, these extensions welcome your artistic touch and give you a ton of room to work with your favorite tints.

Yet, the lifespan of rocking these extensions typically extends up to 8 weeks. Zala Hair’s halo, ponytail, and clip in extensions are also available in 100% Human Remy Hair for some added versatility. This puts them at the peak of excellence within the industry.

You’re now a certified synthetic hair expert! Embrace these tried-and-true tips, and watch as your synthetic hair extensions unite with your natural hair harmoniously. Whether you’re navigating how to blend hair extensions or decoding the discrepancy between keratin hair extensions and human hair extensions, Zala Hair is here to guide you. Unleash your hair’s true potential!
September 02, 2023
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