How to Keep Your Hair Healthy With Extensions

Your hair is a vital part of your beauty. You shampoo and condition it regularly, use hot tools sparingly, and avoid treating it with harsh products. You want it to be healthy, fuller, and shiny. But sometimes, that's just not possible with our hair's natural texture and length. 

Fortunately, there are ways to get around these limitations with hair extensions! Extensions add volume and length to your hair, making it look thicker and healthier. But before you go out and buy them, there are a few things you need to know about keeping your hair healthy with extensions.

Remember that using hair extensions regularly may expose your natural hair to damage, especially if not worn correctly or if your hair is thinner. Plus, it’s crucial to buy a suitable and safe extension for your hair type. For example, tape-in extensions are safe for short or thin hair, but they must be installed, removed, and reinstalled carefully so the tape doesn’t pull out your hair strands.

Wondering how to put in tape-in hair extensions yourself? We don't recommend installing tape-in extensions yourself because the process is quite tricky. Instead, you should visit a hairstylist to have the wefts installed. If you try it at home, you may end up damaging the extensions and your natural hair. 

Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy while wearing extensions:

Take Care of Your Natural Hair

It’s good to start looking after your natural hair even before buying hair extensions. Always wash your hair with shampoo free of harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and alcohol. These chemicals make the hair dry and brittle and eventually result in severe hair damage. 

Also, use a good quality conditioner to smooth and moisturize your hair. But avoid going overboard with shampooing your hair, as it can strip away your hair's natural oils. 

Get the Extension Installed and Adjusted at a Salon

You may be tempted to try your hands at installing your hair extensions at home. And you may even successfully install a set of clip-in extensions or a Halo in your hair. But for tape-ins and other extensions, we recommend you visit a salon to have the wefts installed. This way, the risk of damage to your hair will be minimal. 

Plus, make sure the extension isn't too tight because that can damage your natural hair. Also, tape-in extensions require adjustment after every three to four weeks. Do not try to adjust them at home because you may damage your hair.

Look After Your Baby Hair

The thin, flyaway hair strands that usually grow near your hairline are extremely delicate. Keeping them hydrated and healthy by using a good quality conditioner and other natural oils is essential. Use heat tools sparingly, as excessive heat exposure can damage the weak hair strands. 

Give Your Hair a Break

Wearing extensions for extended periods is not good for your hair health because it can strain your tresses. As such, it makes sense to go extension-less once in a while. This is super easy with clip-in extensions because you can remove and reinstall them yourself. Plus, you can take them off before sleeping every night. 

By following the tips given above, you can rest assured that your hair will be healthy while wearing extensions. 

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May 18, 2022
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