How Often Do You Need to Cut Your Hair?

There are some essential basics to maintaining healthy hair, and while there are many things you can do at home to keep your hair looking its best, getting a haircut periodically is one of the most important practices to follow. But how often do you need to cut your hair? What’s the ideal length for your hair? Do you need to cut your hair more often than once every six weeks, as most stylists recommend?

Read on to find out!

The General Practice

There’s no standard rule on how frequently you should cut your hair. Yet, two signs generally indicate it’s time to trim your tresses: You can no longer pull off the style or look you want, or your hair has developed split ends.

Most stylists recommend assessing your hair for these signs about a month after your last cut. These indicators typically mean it’s time for a trip to your stylist.

But more factors play into how often you should get a trim, including the length, type, and texture of your locks. Here are some other considerations to bear in mind.

Short Hair

It’s a good idea to cut shorter hair and bobs every three to seven weeks. Certain styles, such as a bob or bangs, may need to get a trim every three or four weeks so your hair keeps looking fresh. That’s because your hair typically grows about half an inch every month, and even minimal growth can affect the overall look of these styles.

Frequent haircuts can help retain the style and shape of short hair, but you may want to go for a trim every five to seven weeks if you don’t mind having more of a grown-out look in between cuts.

On the other hand, trims are also important if you’re looking to grow out your short hair. Of course, the process takes quite some time. In the meantime, you may want to use hair extension clips for short hair to add volume and length to your locks instantly.

Medium-Length Hair

Most stylists recommend getting a cut three or four times yearly for medium-length hair. If your medium-length hair is healthy and not visibly damaged, you don’t need to trim it more often. Cutting it three or four times yearly will help eliminate split ends and enhance the layers.

Long Hair

Even if your hair is long and healthy, you’ll still need regular trims. How often you need to cut long hair depends on how you want your hair to look.

Do you want to have hair that’s longer than shoulder length? Do you currently have layers? Has it been more than three months since you got your last cut? Has your hairstyle fully grown out? Do you want to get a fresh style?

If your answer to those questions is YES, it’s time to go for a trim.

Also, remember that having long hair means the hair shaft has been through more than it would if it was kept shorter. The more your locks age, the weaker and more delicate they become. Weaker hair is at higher risk of breakage. It’s also susceptible to split ends and thinning, particularly if it has received chemical treatments.

Generally, it is a good idea to cut your long hair every seven or eight weeks.

Damaged Hair

It’s good to get a trim every eight weeks if your hair is damaged, has severe split ends, or has received excessive chemical treatments. This will help keep your locks healthy and polished. The same holds true for fine hair with frayed ends. Trimming damaged hair more often also helps reduce breakage.
May 19, 2023
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