Halo® Hair Extensions for Short Hair

So you finally got the courage for that big chop, only to look like an eight-year-old who got her hair cut by her parents instead of those gorgeous influencers you saw on Instagram. Have you grown tired of your short hair so now you’re growing it out to pull off other styles? Or do you simply want instant volume and length for your short locks?

Halo hair extensions might just be the perfect answer to your problems. As the latest hair extension method, halo hair extensions are an easy-fix solution to get that longer and more voluminous hairstyle you’re after.

Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Wearing Halo® Hair Extensions for Short Hair 

Halo hair extensions are not physically attached to your strands or scalp. Just like its namesake, the halo, it sits there on your head thanks to a clear and thin wire that’s barely visible from a distance. This wire is wedged on your head's safe zone and covered with your top hair to make sure that it's hidden away.

Unlike the other kinds of hair extensions that require half an hour of a professional’s help to apply or remove, halo hair extensions can be worn and removed within a minute or so, without any external help.

Additionally, since halo hair extensions are in no way attached to your hair, there's virtually no need to worry about damaging your strands. It does not stretch your hair nor does it stress and strain your scalp with awfully heavy clips or sticky and dreadful glue. It’s just there on your head. In fact, because it's very light and comfortable, you might forget it’s even there.

How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions

Below, we've got some tips for wearing halo hair extensions for short hair!

1. Choose the right wire

Our first tip is to make sure to wear halos with the wire that works best for you so you can be sure they stay on. Wires have three different sizes so you can choose which fits your head’s circumference to prevent the extensions from falling off.

If you’ve worn the band but it pops off, then you need a bigger size. If the wire is too loose and slips down, you need to try on a smaller one. Try a few sizes so you can decide whether you want the hair extensions to be a bit tight and secured or a bit loose and comfortable.

2. Section hair properly

More importantly, the key to seamlessly blending your halo hair extension with your short hair is proper hair sectioning. Usually, halo hair extensions are wedged on the safe zone, that line from one of your ears to the other. But because short hair has less length to hide the blunt edges, you have to divide your top and bottom hair sections a little bit more equally so that you can finish more naturally.

Also, although you generally have to take your hair extensions to your hairdresser to have them cut and styled to match your hair, this step is even more crucial when you have short hair. Having short hair means you have less to work with when styling them to blend your extensions in.

3. Style your extensions

For better results, you can take your halo hair extensions to your hairstylist for pre-styling. Layering can make your extensions look more natural and the texture adds the necessary volume to disguise the edges of your short hair. You can also consider thinning out the edges of your hair so that it will be easier to blend them with the hair extensions.

Keep in mind that unlike natural hair, if you make any mistakes while pre-styling your extensions, they won't grow back anymore. So it's best to be careful.

Once you have the extensions on your head, you can never go wrong with curls and waves with the help of Zala's 4 in 1 Cosmo Curling Wand. Tested and proven, it is easier to hide the ends of your own hair among the hair strands of the extension when you style them together this way.


With proper care, halos can last from 6 months to a full year, depending on how often you use it. So why wait for half a year or so to get back that thicker and longer hair you can style according to your liking when you can wear halos in that period of waiting instead? Get halo hair extensions now!

For more hair tips and tricks, don't forget to check out our ZALA blog!

December 01, 2020
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