Clip-In Hairpieces For Volume

Does your hair look pitifully thin when you tie it in a straight ponytail? Do you get a cute Xi?ob?o instead of an elegant Dàb?o when you tie your hair in a bun? Or do you get a fishtail that’s barely there when you try to put your hair in a braid?

Think your hair is lacking in length and volume? In this article, we’ll tell you how to use Zala’s clip-in hairpieces for volume!

Adding Volume To Your Hair

Don’t worry, we know full well the pains of not having thick hair. After all, having less hair volume than desired can really hamper your style.

Since you have less to work with, you tend to have fewer hairstyle options too. Plus, most of the hairstyles you do get to try out don’t look as nice as you imagined them to be. Even when you tease your hair in an effort to make it look more voluminous, it just falls flat back a few hours after.

At this point, getting some sort of professional hair treatment or therapy may have already crossed your mind. But this requires a significant investment of your time, effort, and finances. For most people, the preferred solution is one that’s instant, easier to pull off, and less expensive.

So how about investing in volumizing hairpieces, specifically clip-in hairpieces, instead? Clip in hair pieces for volume are the perfect investment.

Using Clip-In Hairpieces For Thicker Hair

Hairpieces are not just for additional length. You can also use them to add volume to your hair to give more fluff and life to your hairstyle. Whether for everyday volume or for pulling off gorgeous hairstyles on special occasions, you only need to put them on and style your hair, less if you styled the hairpieces beforehand.

What Are Clip-In Hairpieces?

Clip-in hairpieces, as its name implies, are hairpieces attached to a base made of lace or fabric with clips attached or sewn. Because you can just clip them on and off whenever you want to apply or remove them, wearing them is quick and easy. Using clip in hair extensions for volume is a simple way to give yourself hair you love each and every day.

You don’t have to plan your days ahead, thinking about adjusting how active your activities are when you’re wearing them because the hairpieces, and the volume, is only as permanent as you want them to be. Just use the clip in hair for volume whenever it suits you.

They require less of your time, effort, and finances over the long run. You can buy them, have your hairdresser style them to match your hair, and then you’re good to go. You can now have more voluminous hair instantly just by wearing clip-in hairpieces.No worries about hair damage, too. They don’t need any chemicals or heat to apply, which means there’s no chance of ruining your hair or scalp. Wondering how to use hair extensions for volume? Here are some tips to help you out.

Additional Tips When Using Clip-In Hairpieces

If you have short hair and you already like your length but just want a bit of volume, you can use pieces that are closer to your current length. Zala has 12?-14? clip-ins that can add volume to your crowning glory without being needlessly long.

Another tip is to tease your roots after applying the clip-ins. Simply backcomb your hair slightly to lift your hair at the roots. Aside from making your hair look bigger and more voluminous, teasing the hair also gives the clip-in hairpieces additional hold and grip if your hairpieces tend to slip especially if you have fine hair.

If you still feel that something’s lacking, you can also opt to use volumizing products to make your hair strands look even thicker. Lastly, avoid shampoos and conditioners that have sulfates, parabens, or other harmful ingredients that can make your hair look flat and dull.

Clip-In Hairpieces For Volume

Clip-in hairpieces are an easy and affordable way to give your hair and hairstyle more bulk, more volume, more life.

Did you enjoy this article? For more hair tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our Zala blog!

December 03, 2020
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