Halloween Hair Series: Spooky Anna Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Welcome to our Halloween Hair series, where it’s time again for creepy costumes and head-turning makeup and hairstyles.

Are you tired of the same old looks that have been present in almost every Halloween costume party you’ve been to? From magical ice to ghastly eyes – here’s an easy Halloween hairstyle that will surely leave people frozen in their tracks! 

Read on as we teach you how you can turn from sweet Anna to spooky Anna this Halloween season.

Spooky Anna

Spooky Anna Makeup and Hair Tutorial

This tutorial is based on the Spooky Anna and makeup and hair tutorial by @beingcaitb on Instagram.

1. Choosing the right hair extension

You will rarely see Anna without her iconic braided plaits. But… what if you have shoulder-length hair that shortens to an almost bob length if you braid them?

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution for that – hair extensions!

To cop Anna’s iconic braids, you can put in hair extensions to lengthen your hair so that it will still be long enough after braiding it. We recommend using Zala Hair’s 16″ Clip-in Hair Extensions in the shade Chestnut Brown. It’s definitely close to the shade of Anna’s locks, and the length is also perfect in achieving a more natural look.

2. Attaching the hair extensions

We told you that this was going to be an easy Halloween hairstyle, and we weren’t kidding when we said that. To apply your clip-in hair extensions, you simply have to section your hair and clip them in! 

If it’s your first time purchasing a set and you’re unsure what to do, the first step is to create sections first. This way, it will be easier for you to gauge where to put all the pieces included in the set. For a more efficient sectioning process, it’s best to use sectioning clips to ensure stability. We recommend these affordable Zala Hair sectioning clips to help you with this task.

After sectioning, find the clips attached to the roots of your hair extensions and then press them into your hair. That’s it, and you’re done! Easy, right?

3. Bring back the shine

One thing that makes this Halloween costume so easy to do is the simplicity of its hairstyle. No need for fancy equipment and styling tools, that’s for sure. That said, before you start styling your hair, don’t forget to give it some shine first.

Simply massage a drop of Zala Hair’s Revive Me Hair Extension Treatment on to your strands to bring back its shine. This will make sure that your hair extensions will remain shiny, silky, and frizz-fre.e throughout your entire Halloween party. However, remember only to use a small amount because too much product will make your hair look and feel greasy.

4. Styling the hair extensions

Now that you’ve attached your shiny hair extensions to your strands, the next step is to style them to achieve Anna’s charming and iconic hairstyle.

First, grab Zala Hair’s Tangle Tamer to make sure that there are no knots and tangles in your hair. Next, grab a pair of hair ties. Separate the hair extensions into two big sections and start braiding them into plaits. Once a section has been completely braided, tie it up with one of the hair ties. Repeat the process for the section on the other side.

5. From simple to spooky: Spooky Anna’s Halloween makeup

Now that your hair is done, it’s now time for your makeup.

To turn into spooky Anna this Halloween season, we will be using dark swatches instead of Anna’s light makeup look. Let’s start with your base. 

First, grab your concealers, foundation, and powder. Apply a good amount of concealer on your dark areas, follow it up with a good swipe of foundation, and then finish it up with an illuminating powder. You know the drill, ladies.

Now for the fun part! For your eyes, make sure to stick to a darker palette. Put on a dark mascara and some eyeliner. For the eyeshadow, you can make it light to make the other dark colors pop-off. You can also go all the way with extremely dark eye makeup. A spooky but diva Anna? Who wouldn’t want that?

For an added effect, we recommended experimenting with contact lenses to level-up your look. If you’re comfortable wearing them, we suggest you get lenses in an extremely light blue color that is on the brink of being ghastly ice.

Finally, complete your look with a bloody red lipstick that will surely catch the entire neighborhood’s attention.

6. Dress the part

Make your look stand out by choosing a nice, fitting outfit. For this look, you can wear a dress with a lace neckline to emphasize your braids and your makeup.

Just like beingcaitb’s version of spooky Anna, a long-sleeved turtleneck blouse donned with see-through lace can create a regal yet somehow mysterious look. It’s definitely perfect for what you’re going for.

Spooky Anna Makeup and Hair Tutorial

Halloween is the time for extravagant costumes and hair, but with this easy and spooky Anna makeup and hair tutorial, you are assured to turn heads with minimal effort. Time to spook the entire kingdom with your charm this Halloween!

Did you like this spooky Anna makeup and hair tutorial? For more Halloween Hair tutorials, don’t forget to check out our ZALA blog!


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