Hair styles for long hair

Here they are, the highly anticipated top hair styles for long hair. Maintaining and styling long hair can be quite a difficult task, and the ideas and styling techniques are endless. Through a bit of consistent researching, we've gathered a few of the latest and greatest hair styles for long hair. Here at ZALA, we've put together a few simple tips and techniques to get you practicing new hair styles for long hair just in time for this year's summer season.

Benefits of long hair

Long hair is great in that you are entitled to a substantial amount of different styling techniques to play with - take full advantage of all the different looks and styles you are able to create using your long flowing locks of hair. And for the girls with too many curls, forget using that harsh straightener everyday and grow out your hair! The longer and heavier the hair, the more your curls will drop and hair will straighten out. Read on below for further ideas great for hair styles for long hair. Be the envy of every girl this summer with long beautiful tresses. You can also create this gorgeous look with some of our extra thick, triple wefted, 100% human remy hair here at ZALA hair. 

Hair styles for long hair:

1) The messy side braid

Side braids are great in that they create a seemingly effortless look of glamour - A tip for creating the perfect braid is to tease your hair for the ultimate amount of hair volume before you start to braid it.

hair styles for long hair

Side braid

2) The sock bun

The sock bun is a perfect way to cool down over summer with all that long hair lifted up off the back of the neck. Create a classy, elegant top knot perfect for beating the summer heat.

hair styles for long hair

Sock Bun


3) The perfect pony

This super simple and sleek ponytail is ideal for anyone after that slight change from long flowing hair always messy and tangled. Use a styling tool such as a hair straightener for the straightest tresses perfect for wrapping around the bundled hair and creating your sleekest pony up-do.

hair styles for long hair

Perfect Ponytail


4) The up & down

This look is perfect for those indecisive girls who can't pick between the hair up or hair down hairstyle - Try both! This rapunzel inspired "up & down" hair style has a princess perfect effect and takes little to no extra maintenance once all tied up.

hair styles for long hair

Up & Down


5) Mermaid waves

Mermaid waves are perfect for this year's summer season, and are quite easy to make using a hair straightener or simple curling wand. Loosen the curls with your fingers and then use a little hairspray over the top for the ultimate beachy mermaid tresses.

hair styles for long hair

Mermaid Waves


Below we've included a short two minute video with instructions on how to create the perfect sock bun. Enjoy!





September 23, 2014
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