Hair Extensions Length Guide - ZALA Hair

Need a little help choosing the right length of hair extensions? Look no further! We've got you covered with our in-depth hair extensions length guide! Read on for everything you need to know when choosing your perfect length.

hair extensions length guide

Hair Extensions Length Guide - ZALA Hair

At ZALA hair extensions, we offer a variety of lengths from 12" all the way to 30" to cater for every look. We know it can be a little difficult choosing the perfect set of hair extensions online, so let's take an in-depth look at each set with our hair extensions length guide.


Our shortest length at ZALA, 12 inch hair extensions are available in our tape hair extension range. A 12 inch set sits below is shoulders and is ultra natural looking once applied. This length is perfect for those who have naturally short/fine hair and are looking to add volume rather than length.


Next up, 14 inches! This is our shortest length available in the clip in range and sits above the bust. Like our 12 inch hair extensions, a 14 inch set is perfect for enhancing the thickness of your natural hair. This length is great for a super natural, everyday look!


16 inches sits around the mid bust area and a popular choice of our shorter lengths. We absolutely LOVE a 16 inch set for everyday length and thickness. A 16 inch set looks ultra natural whilst still provides a great amount of length for styling. Available in both our clip in & tape range.


Next is 20 inches! Our most popular length at ZALA, this sits about a hands width below the bust. 20 inches is perfect for adding everyday length whilst still providing that wow factor. This length is great for those average in height and can be curled whilst still maintaining a good amount of length. Available in both clip in & tape hair extensions.


Our 24 inch sets sit around the waist area and are perfect for taller girls and those who love long hair. A 24 inch set can be curled whilst maintaining length, and is our second most popular length at ZALA. This is available in both our clip in hair extension & tape hair extensions range.


Next up, 26 inches! Considered very long by industry standards, a 26 inch sit will sit at the hips. Ideal taller girls who love very long hair, or anyone who wants the perfect mermaid locks. Our 26 inch sets provide the ultimate styling flexibility, as these can be curled whilst providing loads of length. Available in clip ins and is our longest length available in the tape range.


Lastly, 30 inches - the longest hair extensions on the market! If you're all about long hair, ZALA's 30 inch sets sit past the hips. Perfect for those who love super long tresses and are serious about length! A 30 inch set will give you the ultimate mermaid locks and is available in the clip in range only.

hair extensions length guide

Which length do you love? We hope this hair extensions length guide helps you choose your perfect set!

November 21, 2016
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