European Tape Hair extensions 16 inch AAAAA HIGH GRADE 20/40/60/80 piece
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European Tape Hair extensions 16 inch AAAAA HIGH GRADE 20/40/60/80 piece
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  • AAAAA Virgin Remy Hair
  • Double drawn thick ends
  • High quality USA made Tape
  • Europe sourced by ZALA buyers
  • Pre-taped + No heat required

Each shade sold in 20 piece packs Click on image to preview shade

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Product Details

ZALA tape hair extensions are AAAAA grade premium European Remy hair extensions that last up to 3-9 months. Designed to be quick to install, easy to remove and re-apply with discreet & lightweight tape adhesive tabs, they are the most efficient & seamless method of semi-permanent hair extensions.

  • easy to apply in under 30 minutes
  • Double drawn for thick, healthy ends
  • high quality usa made adhesive holds up to 8wks
  • NON-damaging, lightweight & comfortable in the hair

quantity guide


    1 X PACK / 10 BONDS

    1 X PACK / 10 BONDS


    Sold as a booster pack to add a little more volume to your current tape extensions, or to fill out shorter layers around the face. Not sufficient for a full head of tapes.

  • 40 pieces | MINIMUM AMOUNT

    2 X PACKS / 20 BONDS

    2 X PACKS / 20 BONDS


    Ideal for thin, fine natural hair or for those who want natural, everyday length & volume. This is the minimum quantity recommended and more suitable for just adding length.

  • 60 pieces | MOST POPULAR

    3 X PACKS / 30 BONDS

    3 X PACKS / 30 BONDS


    Ideal for medium to thick natural hair or for those who want ultime length and volume. This is the most popular quantity & gives optimal results for seamless natural blending.

  • 80 pieces | BUY MORE & SAVE

    4 X PACKS / 40 BONDS

    4 X PACKS / 40 BONDS


    Best value option at ZALA - buy more, use some for now and some for later. 80 pieces provides superior volume and thickness however we do not advise applying all at once.














Customer Reviews 34 item(s)

Amazing Verified Purchase
Excellent quality tape in. I have bought 40pack of 20inch and 20pack of 16inch to creat my ideal tape in look. Using the 16inch for front and top layering. Looks amazing Review by Rachael / (Posted on 9/29/2018)
Second time buyer I love! Verified Purchase
These are hands down the BEST tape ins I've ever used. I used 16inch for and 20 inch during summer and they last! So smooth and soft for months! Quality is amazing!! Don't look elsewhere gfs! Review by Sydnie / (Posted on 9/3/2018)
Natural and thick! Verified Purchase
I love tape extensions, and zala's are amazing as they are thick right to the tips. I bought these 16" ones when I wanted a more natural look and was not disappointed at all! Have since moved to longer ones, but 16" is so easy to look after and maintain! Review by Lana / (Posted on 5/21/2018)
recommending to all our customers Verified Purchase
Our salon stocks ZALA extensions after a less than ideal history with another extension company... All I can say is, these extensions out perform their competitors. Review by Bailey / (Posted on 3/1/2018)
AMAZING!!!! Verified Purchase
Fantastic extensions! Just got mine put in and they're so so soft and full. Everyone has been complimenting my hair and saying it looks healthy and thick. Thank you zala! Review by Kennedy / (Posted on 2/20/2018)
Perfect for what I needed Verified Purchase
1 package off these were the perfect amount to add just enough thickness to my thin hair. It looks natural and matches perfectly with my bleached ends. Review by K / (Posted on 2/12/2018)
ZALA hair extensions - great value, amazing price point for wholesalers and are extremely easy to apply! Verified Purchase
The quality of ZALA is second to none, their tapes are so much thicker than the rest you can feel the density that creates authentic volume. Review by Meredith Atkinson / (Posted on 10/8/2017)
Perfect for my short hair Verified Purchase
Just had my tapes blended by my hairdresser into my bob and am in love. My hair looks so thick and lovely :) My hair dresser actually recommended ZALA to me and I am so glad she did Review by Amy L / (Posted on 8/28/2017)
So thick! Verified Purchase
Had these installed a few weeks ago to add volume to my otherwise thin hair and I am loving them! The hair is so thick and soft and I love the colour (Chestnut Brown #6). ZALA got my hair lookin' top notch :) Review by Jemima / (Posted on 8/10/2017)
LONG HAIR DON'T CARE Verified Purchase
Seriously long, thick beautiful hair again after a depressing CHOP at the hair dressers. These tapes are more beautiful than my natural hair ever could have been, so happy I went with ZALA!
The tapes themselves took a few days to get used to but now they feel so light and barely there! :)

Review by Amie-jane / (Posted on 8/1/2017)
Fixed my shipping error professionaly Verified Purchase
ZALA has the best customer service I have experienced in a loonnnggg time. I made an error with my order and they went above and beyond to fix it for me, I will tell everyone! Review by Nicky / (Posted on 8/1/2017)
great value short hair extensions Verified Purchase
After a terrible experience with Bellami, I decided to try ZALA. I hesitated cause I thought they were coming from Aus but I got them in 2 days! awww yeah no more Bellami!! lol

I realise now that ZALA has two warehouses. I thought 16 inch might be a bit short, but it sits below my boobs & still looks really long. The best part is, they were way cheaper aswell. Review by Claire / (Posted on 8/1/2017)
Flawless experience Verified Purchase
Finally had enough with my last brand (I wont name and shame), and I bought my first set of ZALA clip ins, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

Great customer service, shipping & quality. The hair is soft, nice natural colour & packaging was really pretty. I am NEVER going back to ebay. Review by Alissa / (Posted on 8/1/2017)
Can you apply these yourself easily? I am a beginner and my friends all tell me this is the only brand to get so im going to get them for my 18th :)

I dont have loads of money to pay a hairdresser to apply my hair extensions so hopefully these are easy to apply Review by Alissa / (Posted on 8/1/2017)
60 piece's changed my appearance Verified Purchase
amazing value, amazing hair, amazing shade.

Because I went with a shorter length, I could afford to get more piece's. My hairdresser applied all 60 & then layered them for me. Instant confidence boost!

The hair is really healthy & the colour looks natural. They feel light in my hair & don't tugg or give me a headache like some ebay brands I have tried. I have had them in for 3 weeks, so unless I update you guys I am confident in recommending them to you guys! Review by Lilly / (Posted on 7/11/2017)
sits on my bust line Verified Purchase
I have been shopping with zala for 4 years, When i started using extensions I would get 20 inch or 22 inch. Now I use 16 inch because I am 25 & want them to look natural at the office.

They are also cheaper aswell. This hair extension length is perfect for me.

I purchased the Honey Blonde #18 & It looks really natural after my hairdresser layered them. Worth every cent. The tabs look really good aswell but I won't need them until July hopefully Review by Jackie De Souza / (Posted on 6/5/2017)
Good value tape hair extensions compared to salon Verified Purchase
I got 80 piece's delivered with express for $380... my hairdresser charged $550 for 40 piece's applied.. you do the maths hahaha

Shop from here & have your hairdresser apply them for $40 =win?
Half the price & double the hair.

Alot of people wear tape extensions with the ratty ends, it really looks terrible, these have full ends which is why I tried zala after seeing my sisters. Review by Denisha / (Posted on 6/5/2017)
Tapes are long lasting Verified Purchase
I recently purchased the Zala 16 Inch tapes and they are so freaking good!!! I have worn them for about 2 months and they are still so soft and silky! (I have re taped them with their pre cut tape tabs) Review by Nicole / (Posted on 3/14/2017)
Lovely hair - lasts about 3 months Verified Purchase
I've tried every extension brand under the sun. Showpony, Blakk, Jadore. Zala are great value for money. I would say they are better quality than the Showponys I had previously. The quality isn't the best I've had, and lasts about 4 months, but for the price you pay it's definitely worth having them installed and just buying a new set tri-anually. I found this a lot better than paying out the nose for a set and hoping they last 12 months. The colours are a great match, and I've had no issues when putting a light toner through them to match perfectly. This will be my third Zala purchase and I wouldn't bother looking elsewhere :) Review by Kai / (Posted on 2/15/2017)
honey beach highlights - tape review Verified Purchase
Hey zala team, I'm loving my honey beach highlights in the 16 inch, they have a really nice blend of a few different blond colours and they give me a really beachy, golden-haired look. thanks! Review by Jenna / (Posted on 10/17/2016)
Quality of the hair itself is superior to anything that I have ever tried, Verified Purchase
I loved the actual quality of the hair.

Shipping 9/10
Quality 10/10
Packaging 9/10
Customer service 9/10

Review by jemma aesman / (Posted on 9/18/2016)
16 inch tape extensions review Verified Purchase
I bought these for my sister for her 30th birthday which worked out well. They look stunning on her, and the 16inch is long but still appears natural. I applied them for her at home too which was pretty easy, we just followed the zala video tutorial on youtube. I was really satisfied with the price/quality of the tapes and they made a perfect birthday present (only because she chose the shade first haha) Review by Lucie / (Posted on 4/17/2016)
Amazing tape extensions Verified Purchase
I have bought 2 lots of clip ins and 1(40pc) lot of tape hair extensions and I have loved them sooo much so thick, shiny and super heathy. I colour them (to match my blonde), I straighten, curl, wash and blow dry them all the time and they are still so thick, shiny and healthy. Literally the best hair I have ever used over all the years and many different brands I've been through, Zala are defiantly my number 1 favourite brand and I will be recommended them to everyone I know!! Not only is the hair amazing but the postage is so fast, the price is fantastic and the service and unbelievable fast and friendly. Could not be any happier with my purchase!!
Thank you so much Review by Brooke / (Posted on 3/22/2016)
Tape in hair extensions experience Verified Purchase
I've been following ZALA on Instagram for over a year now and I finally caved and decided to buy a pair. I was pretty nervous about getting my first tape hair extensions and I didn't want everyone to know they were fake so I decided to go for the 16 inches - And I'm so glad I did!

You can't tell that I'm wearing them, and it only took me a few days to get used to styling them so they look as natural as possible. I can't believe I waited a year to get these
8.5/10 experience , recommended Review by Christie / (Posted on 2/14/2016)
Home-Dye Verified Purchase
I was so disappointed when I realised that my usual clip ins (Choc Swirl- balayage) aren't available in the tape extensions range! But I message Zala on facebook and they gave me heaps of information to help me create the balayage/ombre look at home. I ended up taking the extensions to my hairdresser to dye and they're seriously so perfect now! It's a little bit of extra effort but it's totally worth it for the perfect colour and the extensions are still perfectly healthy and undamaged. Review by BalayageBeauty / (Posted on 2/14/2016)
16 inch tape extensions feedback Verified Purchase
- This hair is high quality and shiny, I got the #2
- Length is actually much longer than I thought, sits just around my bust
- Didn't arrive in time for Valentines Day (my fault), but customer service helped me out heaps

Overall 9/10 experience and I probably would recommend to my friends Review by Jean / (Posted on 2/14/2016)
This brand is perfection Verified Purchase
I've had hair exstensions since 16, I am now a hairdresser and I swear by this brand. I've been using zala for nearly 14 months and couldn't be happier. If you are looking for hair exstensions, tossing up between brands, do yourself a favour and pick Zala. The service is amazing, the hair is soft despite how tough I am on them. And so natural looking! They don't pull out my own hair when removed either! (: thank you so much zala team! Xo Review by Georgie / (Posted on 2/12/2016)
HAPPY Verified Purchase
I'm really pleased once again with ZALA - This is my second order of Tape extensions however I choose the 16 inch this time opposed to 20 inches for more a natural look.

They still felt soft and look beautiful - I applied a few more this time to create really volumes hair. The tapes are still super invisible. To be honest you cannot even tell that its not my real hair!

SO HAPPY! Review by Lucy / (Posted on 11/10/2015)
:) Verified Purchase
Hello zala girls.
I just got my tapes put in at the hairdressers and they look and feel fabulous.
I cant begin to tell you how easy and fast they were to be put in. I do genuinely feel like this is because of the awesome tapes and how well made they are.
They are the only tapes i have ever had that are so comfortable.. They don't pull on my hair at all and are so light and soft.
I often forget that i have them in.
Quality has been fantastic so far! Review by Charlotte / (Posted on 8/23/2015)
Salon owner for 7 years Verified Purchase
Great tapes ZALA, im a hairdresser from LA and my specialty is putting tapes in. Over the past years of working with extensions i can definitely tell you that your tapes are honestly the best quality hair that i have ever come across. The hair is just so genuine and real, with beautiful colors throughout, its thick, soft and holds such a natural shine to them. I'm so glad that my clients now order from you!! (ps they are so easy to put in and hold so nicely) Review by Ariane / (Posted on 8/16/2015)
my perfect length of tape in extensions Verified Purchase
I always used to get 20 inch, but I am in my late 20's now and 20 inch just looks a tad too long to look really natural (on me anyway).
this length was good as it only required a bit of layering due to the thick ends of zala.
Review by Phoebe S / (Posted on 8/12/2015)
COMFORTABLE tape extensions Verified Purchase
Very comfertable. They sit so nicely on your hair and don't pull or leave rotten marks on your real hair. I'm actually in love with hoe gentle they are. They are so easy to put on as well. No pain at all. Such thick natural hair , I braid my hair before sleep so they don't tangle, seems to work well so far Review by Vivian / (Posted on 7/5/2015)
Invisible Verified Purchase
Hey team zala.
just purchased my second set of tapes from you.
This length is outstanding sits so perfectly on, very natural length. In terms of invisibility you cant see them at all, blends so well and hides nicely. Hair itself is outstanding as always, thick and soft. Thanks guys Review by Katherine / (Posted on 7/5/2015)
Gorgeous and natural 16 inch hair extensions Verified Purchase
I have had my tapes for 1 month now and i literally wear them everyday. They are so easy to wear and manageable its great. They add so much thickness to my hair and the natural highlights make it look so good. I love that they blend and look natural makes me happy. Loving the honey blonde. I wasn't sure about the length but these sit around my bust line so you cant tell its not real Review by Jen / (Posted on 7/2/2015)

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    ZALA TAPE EXTENSIONS - Quality / Application / Care / Lifespan / Removal

    What quality of hair does ZALA use for tape hair extensions?

  • At ZALA, we only supply the highest grade of tape hair extensions on the market. The ZALA tape hair extension range is made from AAAAA grade European Remy Hair. The entire range is made from 100% Human hair and are double drawn to ensure super thick sets from top to bottom. You can expect silky & soft sets with thick & healthy ends.

  • What quality Tape/adhesive does ZALA use & how long does it hold?

  • At ZALA, we use the highest quality Tape adhesive on the market. The tape itself is made in the USA and has a blue backing. Once the tab is removed, the tape is clear & undetectable. The tape has a very strong hold and will will remain applied for 8 weeks until they need moving up/re-taping. The tape's will hold even during sport, swimming, showering & washing.

  • How long will ZALA Tape hair extensions take to apply?

  • ZALA tape hair extensions have been designed so they can quickly and easily be applied within 30 minutes. Watch the below video to see 40 piece's of ZALA Snickers #4/12 / 20 inch applied

  • What lengths are available in the ZALA tape range?

  • ZALA Tape extensions are available in 16" which is considered a mid-length, 20" which is considered long & 24" which is considered extra long. A general guide is that 16 inch will sit around your bust line, with 20 inch a hands length below that. You can expect 24 inch to sit around your waist which allows amazing flexibility for waves and curls whilst still maintaining length. If you need advice on the best length for you, drop us a facebook message or email [email protected]

  • How many piece's of ZALA tape extensions do I need?

  • For most customers, we recommend using 40-60 piece's, depending on your needs and the style you want to achieve. For thin/fine & medium thickness hair, 40+ piece's is optimal. For medium-thick hair use 40-60 piece's. For those wanting super volume or with very thick natural hair, 60-80 piece’s is ideal.

  • How long will my ZALA Tape hair extensions last?

  • ZALA tape hair extensions are made from the highest grade of European Remy hair on the market. How long your tape extensions last depend on how you treat and use the product. With correct use & care, they will need re-taping every 7-9 weeks and should last 3-12 months. Please click the link read more link to see our full page on how long you can expect your hair extensions to last.   Read More..

  • Can I re-use/ re-apply my ZALA tape hair extensions?

  • Yes! ZALA Tape hair extension can be reapplied, with sets lasting from 3-12 months. As we only supply the highest quality hair extensions at competitive prices, ZALA tape hair extensions are designed to outperform inferior brands and save you money in the long run. We sell all the accessories needed for removal & re-application.

  • Can I dye/tone, cut, curl & straighten ZALA Tape hair extensions?

  • ZALA hair extensions are made from 100% human hair. This means they can be treated just like your own natural hair. They can safely be trimmed, curled , straightened, dyed & toned. Visit #zalahairextensions on Instagram to see thousands of amazing photo's showing shades and colours customers have dyed their sets. For full policy & more info including a how to dye video, visit the following page Dyeing & toning ZALA hair

  • How do I remove my ZALA Tape extensions?

  • The ZALA team has created a specially designed adhesive solvent that includes natural ingredients to help remove your tape's safely, quickly and effectively. The whole process of removing your tape's will take about 20-30 minutes and does not require a professional. Email our team for further assistance : [email protected] Click here to visit the ZALA solvent page

  • Will tape extensions damage my natural hair?

  • ZALA tape hair extensions provide a semi-permanent hair extension method that is non damaging, lightweight and comfortable once applied in the hair. They lay flat against the head, and are undetectable once applied to achieve a more natural look. ZALA tape extensions require no heat or damaging glue, and can be easily removed with our Tape Adhesive solvent.

  • Does ZALA hair extensions offer wholesale options for salons?

  • Absolutely! We love being involved with salons whether it is the odd purchase here and there or larger regular orders. For Tape wholesale orders, visit the tape category were you can choose packages ranging from $500-$3000. For wholesale Clip in hair extension prices, Use code ZALASTOCKIST at checkout for a 15% discount (order must be over $500 USD for code to apply)

  • USA - Shipping / Exchanges / Tracking / Refunds

    What are the shipping times for USA orders & how much?

  • All orders over $110 USD receive free post USA wide. This service is DHL Ground and takes 4-5 business days. Tracking is provided via email. At checkout you can select priority for $7.99 which takes 2-3 business days. Cut-off time for same day dispatch is 12PM CALI GMT-7

  • How do I track my order?

  • Excited to see your extensions make progress in transit? We understand! When your order is shipped, Couriers will begin sending email tracking updates to the email you included in your order details. You should be updated when your order is picked up, is due for delivery & finally when it is delivered.

  • What if I need help choosing my colour and length?

  • We are here to help! If you have any doubts as to colour, length or thickness, just ask us! You can send in a colour match form on our online store or drop us a Facebook message with some photo's and one of our hair extension experts will suggest the best match for you! Click here to send in a photo of your hair! OR Message our team on Facebook

  • The colour I have received does not match, how do I swap?

  • We understand choosing your colour can be hard! Don't worry! With our Quick & easy colour swap you will have your correct colour to you within days. Simply visit our customer service page and scroll to the bottom for our full section regarding swapping your colour. The only cost is the cost of postage.  Read More..

  • Can I return my order for a refund? Do fees apply?

  • We are confident that when ordering from ZALA, you will join hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. If for any reason you need to return your goods, and a exchange is not suitable. Then you can return within 60 days for a refund. Refunds are calculated as the total order amount, minus shipping incurred by ZALA & also minus a $15 refund fee to cover costs of the process. The product hygiene tag must be in-tact around the product and they must be returned in un-used condition. For full policy, Visit the Customer service page

  • Payment / Security

    What methods of payment do you accept?

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex & Paypal for all customers worldwide. We use 1028bit SSL encryption which is the highest level of internet encryption available to online companies.

    ZALA values your privacy. Our payment gateway is 1024bit SSL encrypted.
    This means your details are protected by industry leading security software.
    Your payment details are never stored.

    We Accept: CREDIT CARD, PAYPAL,  

                      payment icon

    How do I know my details are secure?

  • At ZALA, we are serious about security, especially with our customers details. Our checkout page is SSL secured, look for the green HTTPS in your browser during checkout to see secured pages. Your details are also never shared or stored on our servers. We use ANZ E-gate merchant for all credit card transactions which ensures our team is unable to see your credit card details, this ensures optimal security. Paypal is also available and a popular choice with our customers.

  • Other common questions

    How can I get involved with promotional work with ZALA hair?

  • Are you a YouTube beauty guru, An Instagram Icon or a Facebook socialite? Get involved in helping us promote our fabulous brand to all your followers! Tell others about ZALA & get rewarded - Click here Drop us a Facebook message to discuss options on how you can be involved in our brand!

  • Pre orders & Back-orders

  • Pre orders are made when the product you are after is out of stock. To ensure you do not miss out on the next shipment of the shade or length you are wanting, pre orders are made to reserve stock. Payment must be made in full to make a pre order. All arrival dates for pre orders are approximate's only. Refunds for pre-orders are only available if the arrival date is 7 days past the advertised date. All pre order's are given a $15 coupon voucher for their next purchase with ZALA just to show we care!

  • Does ZALA hair extensions offer wholesale options for salons?

  • Absolutely! We love being involved with salons whether it is the odd purchase here and there or larger regular orders. For Tape wholesale orders, visit the tape category were you can choose packages ranging from $500-$3000. For wholesale Clip in hair extension prices, Use code ZALASTOCKIST at checkout for a 15% discount (order must be over $500 USD for code to apply)

Exchanges and Returns


Colour, length or thickness not quite right? Don’t worry - we offer easy exchanges & returns within 60 days! You CAN remove the set from the box & hold up against your hair to check the shade & length - just be sure to keep the ZALA hygiene tag/seal intact around the top of the goods in case of an exchange or refund.
Please keep me in tact in case of a return/exchange!
  • Fill out your returns form via -you can return for an exchange, refund (fees apply) or 100% store credit (excluding shipping). Once completed & approved, we will send you a pre-paid return label.
  • Print your pre-paid shipping label, turn the ZALA satchel inside out and place the goods you are returning along with all ZALA packaging inside.
    • 2080 INDUSTRIAL RD,
    • SUITE C
    • SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84104
    • USA
  • Attach the shipping label to the package (please avoid placing sticky tape over the barcode) and drop it off at your local USPS post box or outlet.
  • Once your return arrives back, please allow 2-3 business days for the warehouse to process and send out your new set once it arrives back to us. If returning to a product of a different value or returning for a refund, we will be in touch via email regarding paying the difference or once your refund has been processed.
  • For our full returns policy, please click here