Hair Extensions For Pixie Cut

You’ve probably spent the last few months staring at your pinned photos on Pinterest, wishing you had the guts to cut your hair into a pixie. 

But what if you suddenly miss your long locks? As much as you love your new cut, we understand that a pixie can sometimes make you feel limited to certain hairstyles. Ponytails? Updos? How can you do these when you lack the length? Wondering how to wear hair extensions for pixie short hair? Let’s have a look!

Hair Extensions for Pixie Cut

How To Wear Hair Extensions For Pixie Cut

Don’t fret! The lack of hair that you have should not stop you from sporting the hairstyles you loved when you still had your long locks. Welcome to the world of hair extensions for pixie cuts!

Hair extensions are typically used to lengthen the hair. Sometimes we use it to add volume as well. Most tutorials teach us how to clip them to medium length hair, but did you know that they can also extend pixie cuts? It is not an easy task, but we assure you, it will be worth it.

Read on to find out tips so you can finally start styling your new pixie cut!

Make that pixie sleek

The first step you should do before clipping your hair extensions is to make your natural hair sleek. You can do this by applying any gel of your choice.

Having a pixie cut means having a lot of short hair strands on top of your head. The purpose of adding gel is to make sure that parts of your hair won’t stick out when you apply the extensions. It will also help make the overall result more natural by making the extensions look seamless with your natural hair.

Do you want to make sure that the result will look seamless? Don’t worry, Zala Hair’s Seamless Clip in Hair Extensions utilize the latest seamless clip-in design. These clip-ins are ultra-lightweight and are guaranteed to lay flat on top of your head. You’ll be getting lighter and ultra-discreet hair extensions for pixie cuts that will surely make your hair look natural.

Sections, sections, sections!

We cannot emphasize this enough. To have a natural and seamless looking result, you should carefully section to prevent your hair from sticking out.

Simply put, the purpose of creating sections is to know where the layers of hair extensions should be applied. Proper sectioning is subjective, so it will depend on your head’s shape, how your bangs–if you have bangs with your pixie–fall on your forehead, and other factors. Just play around with it and see what works well for you.

One general rule to remember: do not make the sections too wide. If you make your sections too wide, there’s a chance that it won’t be able to cover up the clips of your hair extensions.

Luckily for you, we’ve got hair extensions here at ZALA that vary in volume. If you’re looking to sport the platinum ice locks, Zala Hair’s Ice Queen Platinum Blonde comes in two options: the 5-piece set and the 9-piece set. The 9 piece set gives you two pieces 5 clips, three pieces 3 clips, two pieces 2 clips, and two pieces of single-wefted clips. The different widths will make sure that you will have the best extensions for pixie cut sections.

Add layers for a voluminous look

Yes, you read that right. You can achieve that bouncy, commercial hair even with a pixie cut. The key is to add extensions slowly.

Once you have applied the first few layers of extensions, gauge the volume and check if you’re satisfied with how it looks. If not, you can slowly attach more extensions on top of the first layer to add volume. Remember to make sure that the upper part of the section can still cover the newly added layer seamlessly.

Ready to volumize your hair even more? Take a look at Zala Hair’s Quadweft Clip in Hair Extensions that comes in a whopping 310G per set. This set is quad-wefted, which means it will provide you 4 times the thickness per piece. Not only that, but you can also choose between a 20-inch set and a 24-inch set. Ready to strut down the streets with superiorly volumized hair? Go ahead and purchase this set!

Reserve the single wefts for the strands that stick out

A pixie is a pixie, and it will always have short strands that will end up sticking out no matter how much gel you put on. Thankfully, there is a solution to those pesky strands.

A regular hair extension set will include pieces of varying width. It can range from one weft per piece to four wefts per piece. If you followed our earlier advice, you’d probably use up the four-weft piece at the bottom of your pixie first. To make the remaining one-weft pieces useful, you can clip them on the sections that look out of place or are sticking out. These sections make it evident that you’re wearing extensions, so by hiding them, you’re basically blending your extensions more seamlessly.

If you’re looking to sport that thick, jet black hair you’ve been wanting, but your pesky strands are still standing out, we suggest that you look at Zala Hair’s Jet Black Clip in Hair Extensions, which comes in two options. The sets will include two clips so you can guarantee that those little strands will not be popping up anymore anytime soon.

We recommend that you purchase the 16-inch, 9-piece variant because this will look more natural and seamless with short, blunt hair. The more pieces you have, the more you’re assured that your pixie cut will be covered.

Hair Extensions For Pixie Cut

Not only do you have an option to choose the length and the number of pieces per set, but you can also choose from a wide variety of hair colors. From black to ash gray to red, you name it, ZALA has it!

Our hair is an integral part of us, so it’s inevitable to feel attached to it. But with these tips, hopefully, you know now how to deal with your pixie. Trust us, before you know it, you’ll be walking down the streets while proudly rocking your new hairdo!

For more hair tips and tricks, please don’t forget to take a look at our ZALA blog!

October 07, 2020
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