The Lowdown: Seamless Hair Extensions Blending

Short hair isn’t necessarily less glamorous than long hair. But sometimes they can cramp your style because there are fewer hairdos you can do with short hair in comparison to long hair. Blending extensions can be the perfect way to give you the volume and length you need to do almost anything with your hair.

seamless hair extension blending
Seamless Hair Blending

If your hair length or hair volume has left some more to be desired, and especially if you want an affordable, quick, and treatment-less update to your hairstyle, hair extensions are the ideal solution to your hair transformation dilemma. And among the various types of hair extensions currently available on the market, one of the most attractive temporary options are seamless hair extensions. If you’re wondering how to blend hair extensions with your own hair, we have you covered.

In today’s article, we’re giving you the lowdown on seamless hair extensions blending!

Why Use Seamless Hair Extensions

Seamless hair extensions are a popular option for those looking for a more discreet and natural look. They are extra easy to apply, lightweight and extra thick. Plus, once you know how, it’s also really easy to blend hair extensions. 

In addition to this, seamless hair extensions are actually a great alternative for people who want a lighter and thinner extension method. Unlike standard clip-ins, the clips on seamless hair extensions are hand-sewn to a silicone backing at the top of the piece instead of to wefts sewn to a piece of fabric.

Read on to discover the best way to blend hair extensions.

Guide To Seamless Hair Extensions Blending

The easiest way to blend your extensions to your natural hair is through styling. Here’s some tips on how to blend hair extensions.

1. Style them together

If you’re wondering how to make extensions blend, this is a quick solution. You need to find out how to blend your hair with extensions in the styling process. Curling or flattening your natural and extension hairs together is the best way to keep them in place, hide the barely noticeable bump from clipping the extensions to your hair, and to merge the tips of your own shorter hair seamlessly with the topmost extension pieces.

2. Hide shorter hairs or baby hair

These can be rather disobedient when you’re trying to style your hair, extensions included. Not only do they get in the way, but they can also be a dead giveaway that you are using hair extensions.

Wondering how to blend hair extensions with short hair? You can twist them and pin them using a bobby pin at the nape of your neck. If they’re long enough that they form a big bump if you just twist them in a small bun, you can french braid them horizontally and use bobby pins to fasten them down at the nape of your neck. 

3. Use angles

Another trick to blending seamless hair extensions is to part your hair and apply the side pieces on an angle to create layers around your face. If you’re blending tape in extensions, this creates a softer and more natural look. You also get to achieve layers without having to cut your extensions to blend.

Use Angles
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4. Make sure the colors match

If you have finer hair or if you have a light hair color and your roots are coming through, you may opt to use a Zala’s Balayage extensions. These extensions will create a beautiful balayage or ombre effect, making them disguise much easier at the roots.

5. Trim your hair extensions

You can also trim your extensions into half pieces to blend them easier. If you’re blending clip in hair extensions, you can add these more accurately around your face and in the area near your ears which are usually problem areas when attaching your extensions.

If you aren’t confident with styling or trimming them on your own, you can take them to your hairstylist and ask them to blend your extensions to your natural hair, trim them and add layers to make them look even more natural. Better yet, you can simply ask your hairstylist for advice on how to shape your extensions to match your natural hair best.

Here’s a quick video on how to easily apply your ZALA Seamless 9 piece set!

Taking Care Of Seamless Hair Extensions

Like other clip-in extensions, seamless hair extensions are washable with water. Just be careful not to leave them submerged in water for longer than 20 minutes or else the water may seep into the silicone cavity and not dry as well as the fabric ones. 

Washing seamless hair extensions

Since your extensions aren’t subjected to the natural oils your scalp produces, there is no need to wash them often. You may just end up damaging them if you do. Washing them after you’ve worn them for 30 times, or once a month if you wear them a lot and for longer periods of time, would suffice. Not being able to easily style them would also be a sign that they need to be washed since this is most probably because there is already a product build-up on your hair.

Also, to ensure that the hair doesn’t dry out, it is recommended to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when you wash them.

seamless hair extensions blending
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Coloring seamless hair extensions

If your seamless hair extensions are made from 100% Human Remy Hair, like the ones we have here at ZALA, then they are also dyeable. Just make sure not to put any dye product on or near where silicone backing is to avoid damaging the extensions.

Lightening or bleaching, though, is not recommended. Hair extensions most probably already went through a long dying process, and doing so may cause damage. For best results, you may test your product on a single piece first. See if it gives you your desired output before toning or dying your entire set.

Styling seamless hair extensions

Lastly, while seamless hair extensions can be styled, do be careful when using heat to style them. The recommended heat setting for styling your hair is anything less than 130°C (266°F). It’s also best to use a ceramic heating tool and spray on a quality heat protecting spray before styling.

This is because, over time, excessive heat and high temperature may cause wear and tear to your set. Remember, unlike your real hair, hair extensions don’t naturally become revitalized. You have to take extra care of them if you want to make sure that they last a long time.

Seamlessly Blending Seamless Hair Extensions

Most of the time, just plainly clipping them in with your natural hair is enough for a seamless blend, especially if the upper part of the set you are going to wear is no more than a shade darker or lighter than your hair. You don’t have to worry about clip-in bumps or color mismatches.

Did you like this article? Feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comments below! And of course, for more hair extension guides, don’t forget to check out the ZALA blog!


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