Why You Should Get A Balayage Now

Why You Should Get a Balayage Now

We're totally crazy for balayage. It's not a new trend per se, but it's a timeless look that's bound to come back, again and again, no matter how many other hair trends may come and go.

Of course, there are many reasons why you may want to get a balayage, but here are three reasons why you should get a balayage now!

1. You want to look effortless

Nobody wants to look too made up all the time. There's just something about putting heaps of make-up on your face and tons of styling products on your hair that automatically turns most people off, even if they don't know what exactly the problem is. Unless you're going to a huge event like a prom or something, you're probably better off with a simpler look. You know how those old sayings go, "there is beauty in simplicity," "simplicity is elegance," and "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

A balayage provides just the right amount of texture and style to make your everyday get-up look simple and effortless yet absolutely stunning. The lighter color kind of 'lifts' your hair and makes it seem more alive, therefore giving you a more energetic look.

If you're going for this vibe, you definitely won't go wrong with a balayage now.

2. You want to look fashionable

Similarly, effortless is now the new 'in' thing. Nowadays, many people idolize models or celebrities who look like they literally just got out of bed and went out into the sun already looking stylish and glamorous.

It doesn't mean that it's fashionable to show up with messy hair, greasy skin, and sloppy clothes – it just means that it's cool to look like you don't care whether you have those things, without actually having those things.

It's the same reason why people are so in love with the 'no make-up' make-up look. As mentioned above, effortless is in; putting in a lot of effort is not.

3. You think it's time for a change

We're all in need of a change, in one way or another. The reason could be physical, superficial. Perhaps you've never had a balayage before. Or maybe you've never had this particular color yet. Or maybe, just maybe, you've never even colored your hair, not even once.

The reason may also run deep. Maybe you've always been teased for your limp and lifeless hair. Maybe your hair doesn't accentuate your face or highlight the color of your eyes – maybe you've always felt self-conscious about that. Or maybe you feel like your self-esteem will improve as long as you change something about yourself.

Whatever your reason may be for wanting a change, getting a balayage now may very well be your ticket to getting that change that you want (and deserve). Sure, it may be a significant change to your entire person but it's not significant enough to be hard to counter, so there's pretty much no danger to changing up your hairstyle every now and then.

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May 21, 2019
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