Dos And Donts Of Summer Hair Styling

Your hair suffers quite a bit of daily abuse throughout the summer season. In fact, it's the harshest season for your hair, due to all the heat and humidity in the hair during summer.

When the heat becomes unbearable, that's when you need to care for your hair the most. Whether it's an outdoor event or a beach trip, it's ideal to keep your hairdo happy and healthy at all times. And in this article, you'll find some of our best tips to help you avoid that sticky, sweaty summer hair. Presenting... our dos and don’ts of summer hair styling!

zala summer hair styling

Do try updos / side braids

Hot temperatures often lead to dirty and greasy hair, leaving your hair dull and shapeless regardless of how well you styled it before going out. It's just too much to have your hair out and about in the summer heat. Let updos and braids be your summer hairstyle in such cases! Wear your hair in a chaotic bun or a one-sided braid that guarantees a sweat-free nape and no shapeless hair.

Don't cut bangs for your hair

Bangs may look cute and charming, but they will also be heavily responsible for sweat oodles on your forehead which can also trigger acne. You don't want to add acne to your list of problems, do you? Make sure you avoid them while you get your haircut in the summer. If you already have bangs, the simplest solution is to just pin them on the side to keep your forehead free from sweaty, oily bangs.

Do beachy waves


Want those gorgeous beachy waves that you often see in magazines? This hairstyle is actually pretty simple to do. Wash your hair before you go to sleep and apply a conditioning spray afterward. Once it's completely dry, braid your hair. In the morning, remove your hair from the braids and spritz on some hairspray. Add a bit of shine spray for instantly gorgeous beachy waves. This gives you a fresh look without any heated styling tools.

Don't use heated styling tools

Speaking of heated styling tools, these are an absolute no-no during the summer! Outdoor elements already do enough damage to your hair, you wouldn't want to worsen the issue by adding heated styling tools to the mix. This includes hair curlers, flat irons, and even blow drying. Unless it's absolutely necessary, you can always use alternative methods to straighten, curl, or dry your hair.

Do cover up your hair with a hat

Consider it your back-up plan that will never fail. A hat not just discreetly covers an unwashed, second-day hairstyle, it also shields your scalp from burning during the hottest days of summer.

Don't make drastic changes to your hair mid-season

Try to avoid dramatic color changes or chemical processes when your hair is most vulnerable to damage. The summer season is dangerous due to its high heat, as it allows the chemicals to damage your hair even more. Pay additional attention to moisturizing your hair if you are unable to skip chemical treatments.

Do the 'wet look'

When the humidity is at its peak, the simplest strategy to keeping your short hair smooth and frizz-free is to push it back with an old-sch


ool pomade. Use pomade from the roots to the end, then use your fingers to "sculpt" your hair in the style you need. Wait until it gets dry. This is the latest hair trend of many celebrities as it is easy to carry with less effort and damage.

Do the sleek back ponytail

You know what they say, classics are classics for a reason. A sleek back ponytail is a simple style to do and requires less product, less time and less effort. Just pull hair into a tight, high ponytail, gather just below the crown at the back of the head and hold with one side. With the other hand, use a boar-hair brush or mixed boar-hair and synthetic bristle brush to smooth the hair, brushing everything away from the face. Secure the ponytail with a hair tie or elastic, once the hair is pulled back tight and smooth. To finish and add gorgeous shine, warm a few drops of serum. Ponytail is always the best choice for killing the heat as it removes the hair from your neck and face and leaves your hair tied to its place.

Don't blow out hair

If your hair tends to be frizzy, don't try to make a complete, smooth blowout as it will only make your hair frizzier. Instead, use a blow-dry lotion and use a flat iron to create soft waves by spinning the iron as you release the hair. This will give you the look of a classic, frizz-free blowout hair. (Use iron for events only, otherwise, you can use a round brush to prevent heating your hair.)

When you know the dos and don'ts of summer hair styling, you can start enjoying your hair all through the heat. The summer season is all about traveling, having fun in the sun, and rocking the mid-year look with friends. Have fun, let your hair be happy in the air!

For more summer hair advice and summer hair trends, check out our ZALA blog!

June 30, 2019
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